How to Give Your House a Vintage Look

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Modern housing is starting to phase out traditional homes in every city. With advanced technology becoming a requirement in homes today, there are only a few vintage houses left for potential homeowners. However, you can still come up with a way to turn the clock back for your home. If you belong to the group of people who want to revive the vintage lifestyle, here are a few ideas to help you turn your modern house into a traditional home:

Invest in White Colors

There are specific colors that best describe the vintage look inside a home. However, most of those colors lean to white shades. Cream, light brown, and dirty white are some of the hues that help turn a house vintage. You can find a lot of white furniture that can help you give your house an old look. You should prioritize finding shelves, coffee tables, and kitchen drawers. If you are willing to take it to the next level, you should consider repainting your walls in a white shade. However, you need to make sure that the walls have a duller color compared to your items.

Add Wooden and Curvy Furniture

The modern style of furniture leans on straight lines and minimalist designs. If you want to bring back the look of traditional homes, you must invest in carved furniture with a lot of swirls and curls. The curvy items will make you feel like you are a part of the Victorian and Renaissance Eras. Adding curved furniture in your home will bring life to the house that regular-shaped things cannot. You must also consider using wooden furniture over those with metal materials. Wood is still a popular material for furniture, which makes it easy for you to find them in shops.

Use Dim Lighting

Modern home with chandelierModern homes use bright white lights, which is adequate for every homeowner. However, you should consider using dim orange lights if you want to feel like royalty from a vintage era. Instead of fluorescent light bulbs, you must look for chandeliers and mosaic hanging lamps. The look of old lighting materials will help you give your home a traditional look and atmosphere.

Replace Modern Electronics with Antiques

It will be challenging to provide your house with a vintage look if you rely on modern appliances. While electronics serve an essential part in our daily lives, you can replace some of the devices with antiques. Instead of an advanced alarm clock, you can purchase an antique wall clock. You can use vintage candle holders over flashlights. Appliances like microwaves and television will be challenging to replace, especially since they bring a lot of value into your home. To help you avoid mixing modern with vintage, you should choose the rooms where you plan on maintaining modernity and the ones you plan on turning vintage.

Find Vintage Art

Nothing turns a house traditional more than art. If you have paintings and portraits that reflect a previous era, you should consider hanging them on your walls. You can also get creative and do the artwork yourself. You can display china and porcelain in your dining area, which is a custom in traditional houses.

It will be challenging to turn a modern home into a traditional house, primarily when the setup relies heavily on technology. A house with a vintage look will be a pleasing view to admire despite the many adjustments and changes you have to make.


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