5 Ways to Organize and Display Your Knickknacks

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Everyone has something they love to collect. Whether it be vinyl records, coins from every country they’ve been to, or other knickknacks from unique stores you’ve seen, these objects probably have some sentimental value for you or remind you of happy times.

These collections often start small, but if you’re serious about them, they can multiply quickly. While that proves your commitment to collecting specific items, too many decorations can disrupt the flow of your interior décor. As a result, some collectors put their collections away and let them gather dust in the attic.

We believe, though, that your living space should be filled with things you love. And with careful planning and some creativity, you can display your knickknacks in ways that don’t make your home look cluttered.

Try the organization techniques below.

1. Keep your collection in one place

The key to making your knickknacks not look like clutter is to keep them contained in one area. If you have a collection of vinyl records, for example, dedicate a blank wall and display your records there. If you have a collection of snow globes, make sure they’re contained within one shelf instead of on different surfaces of your home. The latter can make your home look messy, whereas dedicating a space for your collection makes it look intentional and organized.

2. Use floating shelves

Floating or wall-mounted shelves are a great tool to display your collection if the items aren’t something that you can hang on the wall. Floating shelves also make organizing look more sophisticated because of the sleek lines their silhouettes create against the wall. So if you’re collecting toy figurines, unique mugs, and the like, floating shelves are the perfect way to display them.

3. Keep similar items together

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If you’re displaying your decorations on separate shelves or ledges, the best way to go about it is to group them based on their similarities. Say, you’re collecting Funko Pop! figures of your favorite TV shows and movies. Keep the Avengers ones together instead of mixing them with the Harry Potter ones. Collecting fine china and antique vases? Group them by color. This way, even if they’re displayed in different places, you can create a unified look instead of a haphazard one.

4. Use jars for small knickknacks

Similar to the previous tip, grouping your knickknacks by size is a great way to organize. And if you’re collecting tiny things, like coins or ceramic animal figurines, you can keep them in a jar. Jars have long been used for DIY home décor projects because they’re affordable and cute. Putting your tiny trinkets in them effectively displays your collection while keeping them from getting scattered.

5. Make art out of your collection

Displaying our collection of knickknacks doesn’t have to be purely functional. You can display them and keep them looking organized while also adding visual appeal to your place. If you’re collecting fine china, for example, you can make DIY wall art out of them, as well as your collection vinyl records or your hats.

You can be a collector without looking like a hoarder. Try our organization techniques above and see which ones display your collection of knickknacks best.


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