Self-Care Essentials to Make Self-Isolation Bearable


So many people are going through hard times during this pandemic, especially those in self-isolation. You can compromise your physical and mental health if you don’t take care of yourself properly. That is why practicing self-care is crucial now more than ever.

Here is a list of self-care essentials for those who want to make sure they are giving themselves the comfort they need during these challenging times.

A Comfortable Couch

Couches, sofas, lounges, whatever, you want to call them, they make living rooms come alive. Moreover, they can go beyond just being beautiful decorations. A comfortable sofa can help someone relax, and it can go along way towards stress-free days.

The quarantine is probably making some people notice even the tiniest detail of their home—including the couch. The decade-old worn-out sofa screaming to be replaced is finally getting some attention. And, since most of the day will be spent lounging in the living room, it might be a great idea to buy a sofa set that is comfortable and brand new.

A Fridge Full of Healthy Food

Staying fit and healthy can be achieved in many ways. But eating healthy is on top of that list. Stock up the fridge with a lot of nutritious food. Buying some junk food is okay, but make sure there is a plan.

When stuck at home, it is vital to make a meal plan. This will avoid binge-eating, especially now that the kitchen is accessible 24/7. Planning meals can also be an excellent idea for those struggling with eating. By having a meal planned out, there is something to look forward to.

While no food, vitamins, medicines can cure COVID-19, having a healthy diet can support the body’s immune system. By having that, the body will have higher chances of preventing, fighting, and recovering from the said illness.

A Yoga Mat

Not having a gym to go to or a park to run in is not an excuse to stop being physically active. With the threat of the virus, exercise is needed now more than ever. There are thousands of workout videos available online. There are fitness apps, too, that everyone can download for free.

Making a habit of exercising at home can be a bit of a challenge to those who aren’t used to it. They can start doing small amounts and advance gradually. Starting is easy, but being consistent is what’s hard. What can be done is to place a yoga mat where it can easily be seen—let that be a reminder to workout daily. Put up a picture of your body goal for some fitspiration.

Keep in mind that working out is essential not only for achieving a strong body, but it can do wonders for everyone’s emotional well-being as well. According to Harvard Health Publishing, when someone workouts, his body produces a chemical called endorphin. These endorphins are the body’s natural painkiller and are responsible for making someone feel relaxed, happy, and optimistic.

A Hygiene Kit

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It has been reported that the COVID-19 virus is capable of surviving on surfaces for days. For that reason, having the right tools to maintain a hygienic lifestyle at home is of paramount importance. What are these tools? From vacuum cleaners for the floor to flosses for the teeth, they are all smart investments. Do get them.

By maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, the COVID virus, and other infections, can be prevented. Here are a few things you may do to stay hygienic:


  • Bathe regularly
  • Trim the nails
  • Brush and floss daily
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Get enough sleep


  • Take off shoes when entering the household
  • Disinfect surfaces that are regularly used and touched
  • Don’t let garbage accumulate. Dispose of them immediately
  • Keep all sheets clean

Having poor hygiene can result in an athlete’s foot, body lice, tooth decay, ringworm, and more. To prevent all the mentioned diseases, do proper hygiene regularly until it becomes a part of daily life.

On some days, it will feel good because a lot of things have been done. The workout is done, salad is served, and you took a bubble bath. And then, the next day, it’s back to eating Fritos again. And that’s okay. Taking care of one’s self is going to be a series of ups and downs. What matters is, you always go back to the right track.

Remember that self-care is only a portion of a much larger picture of coping up with stress. With so many unknowns still ahead, choose to be kind to one’s self, especially in times of loneliness and isolation.


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