How the Coronavirus Crisis Changed the Way We Socialize with Our Loved Ones

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Life before the pandemic used to be less complicated and a lot more fun. Before, we can hang out with our family, go on brunch dates with our friends and even hold celebrations not caring much about our health. We can kiss, hug, shake hands, and stay in a crowded room without fearing for our health and safety. Now, even a trip to the mall and running errands can cause us enough anxiety to last many days. It is both amazing and terrifying how much of an impact the pandemic has in our daily life.

Importance of Social Gatherings

Humans naturally crave social interactions. This is why even individuals who would rather spend their time alone still like hanging out with their closest friends. Even small but meaningful interactions can make and complete your day.

Social gatherings are a great way to build stronger bonds, get to know each other better, and share precious moments one can’t have over the phone or internet. All of us crave the experience that comes with laughing with friends, bonding with our families, and getting to know other people’s culture.

Social events allow us to release our stress, unwind, and have fun. What used to be harmless gatherings and celebrations now turned into potential health hazards. This is all thanks to the current pandemic we are now facing.

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Social Gatherings Before the New Normal

Birthday celebrations, reunions, weddings, company outings, and other social events used to be fun-filled and memorable. Everyone invited would make time just to make sure they can attend the event. Hosts would ensure the preparations are up to par weeks before the event.

People would not hesitate to gather around, tell stories, and share food and drinks. Venues will be packed with people, food, and booze. There will be no social distancing for as long as everyone is having a good time.

Social Gatherings in the New Normal

Now that we are facing a pandemic, we can’t help but fear for our health and safety when going out. Those who chose to go out to run errands are armed with their masks, alcohol, or sanitizer and are practicing social distancing. Many are unwilling to leave their houses, opting to have their essentials delivered, and only going out of the house when necessary.

Now, we make use of technology to greet our loved ones during special events. Simple gatherings turned into zoom meetings. If one chooses to push through an event, special precautions are taken into consideration.

For instance, what used to be big events turned into simpler, smaller gatherings. We now focus on holding events like weddings in venues such as barns and spacious gardens. This is since it is safer to celebrate special occasions in larger spaces or open venues and by observing 50% of the indoor venue capacity.

Everyone who attends any gathering is encouraged to maintain social distancing, the proper wearing of masks, regular hand washing, and observing coughing and sneezing etiquette. The event organizer must ensure adequate supplies for people to clean their hands and throw their garbage. There is also a need to maintain a healthy environment before and after using the location.

Even the number of people who use the restrooms should be limited. Overcrowding exposes more people to the virus. This is since it can take five to 12 days before one manifests any symptom.

Indeed, the pandemic brought a major disturbance to our lives. It changed our priorities and how we socialize with other people. It even changed the way we hold and attend events. Experts predict will continue for at least a few more years. Until the crisis ceases to exist, we can expect social gatherings to stay limited and restricted.


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