Understanding Eating Disorders

According to the video, 10% of people with eating disorders die each year. In this YouTube video, viewers learn about the definition of an eating disorder and the three major types. The narrator of the video defined an eating disorder as a psychological condition resulting in an unhealthy pattern of food intake.

According to the video, there are three significant types of eating disorders. Some people severely restrict their food intake – often referred to as anorexia.

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Other people act out their eating disorder by binging (eating quantities of food that are too large.) The third type of eating disorder involves purging, which is ridding themselves of food by vomiting or excessive laxatives.

Although many with eating disorders have an unhealthy weight, the video’s narrator states that eating disorders aren’t primarily about a person’s weight. Doctors who work with these clients attempt to get to the root of the client’s eating disorder. Medical experts have noted that many clients with eating disorders have an inaccurate perception of their appearance. The video further states that people with eating disorders display a tendency for self-criticism and perfectionism.

The video states only half of the clients with anorexia seek anorexia treatment, although effective treatment for all types of eating disorders exists. Some of the practical approaches to eating disorders include CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and nutritional medicine. People with eating disorders who sincerely seek help should begin by speaking with a psychiatrist who has experience with addiction.



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