Success for Introverts: From Dating to Settling Down

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Getting to know someone is complicated enough as is, but when you’re an introvert who may not be comfortable going out as frequently as other people, things get even more complicated. You don’t have to change yourself just to find someone who will love you. All you have to do is find people who will complement your personality so you can enjoy the relationship together.

For introverts, these are some things to do if you want a strong and healthy relationship:

Find Ways to Express Yourself

Being an introvert doesn’t mean being single for life. You may have found the one but you’re not as openly expressive about your feelings as other people are. If you’re afraid your significant other thinks you’re not ready to move to the next level, it’s time to put pen to paper and write them a heartfelt letter saying how much they mean to you. Introverts can be some of the sweetest lovers, and they also see how beautiful custom design wedding bands are as opposed to regular ones everyone sees on the shelves. However, if you don’t translate your thoughts to something your partner will know, this might break up the relationship instead of you two getting the happy ending you deserve.

Set Boundaries

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Being in a relationship doesn’t mean losing your identity as a person, and for an introvert, it’s extremely important to have their own space. You recharge by being by yourself and having some peace and quiet. Make this clear to your significant other even in the early stages of the relationship. You might think they’ll figure it out for themselves, but if they’re not used to it, they might think you taking too long to reply is a sign that you’re not interested. In any relationship, both parties should be able to speak up about their boundaries so that they will be on the same page. Doing this early on will help your relationship mature into a healthy and loving partnership, one that will not make you feel drained, especially if your partner likes to go out with their friends.

Be Present

During the times you spend with your partner, it’s important to make each minute count. These are the moments you’ll both remember together, and no matter what you agree to do, be there for it mentally and emotionally. It’s one thing to be an introvert and quite another to be just disinterested in someone. You want to be there for your partner whole-heartedly so that they know you’re the former, not the latter. Someone who is disinterested in the relationship might just be leading people on. You, on the other hand, want to be in the relationship and that’s worth showing in your actions. It will help if you two designate days when you do things together so that you will not be surprised or unprepared to hang out randomly.

Your dating history can be just as colorful as everyone else’s. If you show your feelings in your own way and make your partner feel special, you’re doing a good job.


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