What Part of the Day Was Easy for You?

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For a person struggling, going through one whole day can be as challenging as climbing a mountain. You might be dealing with grief, facing financial burdens, or trying to recover from an eating disorder. Whatever it is, take it one day at a time and focus on the highlights of your day instead of your low points.

You’ll find that if you look at each day as a win, you’ll be more determined to move forward. These challenges can be turned to small successes:

Eating Healthy

Food is a part of your day even if you don’t have a healthy relationship with it. It is your source of energy, which makes it essential for your day to be a win. If you’re on a binge-eating recovery plan, the simple act of eating can be the most crucial part of your day. Specifically, if you’ve managed to keep food down or have eaten just the right portion, you’ve already done plenty. Disordered eating does not get resolved overnight, but if you commit to it day by day, you’ll get closer to taking control of your eating habits.

Sleeping Enough

Having trouble sleepingSome fight sleep because of several reasons. You might have too much on your plate, and you think sleep means losing time. There are also those who, despite wanting to sleep, are unable because of insomnia or other sleeping disorders. Going to a sleep doctor and making small changes in your schedule to improve the quality of your sleep can be a great accomplishment, especially if you haven’t had a deep sleep in a while. It’s not enough that you are laying in bed and keeping your eyes shut; sleep should help your body rest and recharge for the next day. Usually, when you wake up feeling rejuvenated, that’s how you know you’ve succeeded and can keep the improvements you did to get there.

Opening up

Everyone has their struggles, and it can be challenging to open up. Most people would rather keep it to themselves out of embarrassment. Little do they know that the mere act of talking can already alleviate the situation they’re in. If you manage to talk and reach out for help, you might realize that there are more ways to tackle your problem than just hiding it and silently suffering. Depression, in particular, can be especially challenging to overcome when you think no one wants to share in your burden. If your depression is tied to other mental health conditions, it might be even harder to triumph over it. Again, remind yourself that this can be handled one day at a time and that managing to get out of bed the next day is already worth patting yourself on the back.

In the end, each day presents a new set of challenges, and if you are already struggling, you might find them overwhelming. However, if you look at yesterday and find one good thing to focus on, you can move forward with less burden and more hope.


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