Treating Herpes Without the Expensive Medical Bills


Herpes is a common infection in the United States. However, the condition remains without a direct cure. People with herpes often consult doctors and continue to suffer from its effects despite prescription. The accumulated medical bills might be enough for patients to seek home remedies for herpes. If you want to save up on doctor visits and prescriptions, here are some of the home treatment methods you can do to keep your infection at bay.

Online Consultation

If you think you are suffering from herpes, you need to act fast. Herpes is a virus infection that can scatter throughout your body, which will be a nuisance to your daily routine. Doctor visits can be costly, which is why you should consider online consultation. You can distinguish the symptoms of herpes because the signs are usually visible.

However, a dependable herpes diagnosis online will help you seek the proper medication. Health and wellness websites and apps can give you a questionnaire to describe how you are feeling. You also have the option to send pictures of infected areas. The online consultation will be less costly compared to hospital visits, which is why you should prioritize the solution.

Warm Salt Baths

When you are suffering from herpes, you will experience a lot of itchiness and soreness around the infected area. You will have to fight the urge to scratch if you want to treat the infection. The infected area will feel like it is in flames, which is why you should consider taking a warm salted bath. The salt helps your body fight off the infection and lessen the itchy feeling. It can also alleviate pain from soreness. Scratching infected areas will only make herpes worse, which is why you should dip yourself in a salt bath instead.



The pain will never subside when you contract herpes. You will notice that the infected area will distract you from work, sleep, and other activities. To help take away your soreness, you need to take painkillers. The medication allows you to focus on your tasks for the day. However, painkillers do not contribute to the treatment of the infection. The medication only serves as a way to help keep you active in your search for treatment. Painkillers also help infected people avoid letting other people know that they have the infection, especially in public places.

Ice Pack

You will notice a lot of scabs and blisters in the infected area, which will feel sore. To help soothe the pain and speed up the healing process, you need to apply an ice pack to the infection. However, you should wrap the ice around a towel or a flannel. Applying ice directly on wounds can slow down healing and introduce more infection.

Wear Loose Clothing

You must avoid irritating the infected area at all costs, which is why you should avoid wearing tight clothes. Fitted pants can cause friction, which will make you want to scratch the infected area. Friction will only worsen the pain and inflammation, which is why you should consider wearing slacks and loose shirts.

Herpes will make you want to visit the doctor frequently. However, you need to try home remedies to prevent the infection from getting worse. You will also have to spend a lot of money to treat the virus, but remedies can help you save more.



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