Can You Put on Makeup If You Have Hyper-sensitive Skin?

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Have you ever been envious of people who can put on all kinds of cosmetics, regardless of brand and formulation? Do you have friends who can switch to new makeup products and follow makeup trends without having to worry about how their skin will react? If you have never been able to do the makeup of the day (MOTD) because your hyper-sensitive skin reacts to cosmetics, you’re not alone. Plenty of people suffer from having a sensitive skin type.

But having sensitive skin does not mean that you cannot wear makeup from a Gold Coast company. Having sensitive skin is caused by a multitude of factors: dehydration, redness, itchiness, allergies, and other skin conditions. Generally, people with sensitive skin can still wear makeup; they just have to find the right formulation.

Ironically, makeup exists to conceal the imperfections that people with sensitive skin know very well. It can conceal redness and blemishes, two of the things that people with sensitive skin suffer from daily. But because their skin reacts to the slightest touch of makeup, they can’t conceal these imperfections.


It’s all about choosing the product with the right formulation. Using products with harsh formulation will cause havoc to the pH level of your skin and may aggravate the redness and blemishes that you are experiencing. Read the labels carefully. Avoid products with fragrance, parabens, and formaldehyde. These are the top three ingredients that irritate the skin.

Experts say that fragrance is usually hidden in lotions, facial creams, and detergents. If you’re fond of that floral-scented lotion, you’re in for a treat. They may smell good, but they’re irritating your skin to no end.


Preparing your skin for makeup is very important. Sensitive skin tends to react negatively when it is slapped with makeup products directly. You have to prepare your skin well, and that means moisturising it deeply and keeping it hydrated. Spraying your skin with thermal water soothes and heals it, preparing it for cosmetic products.


Do not use powder makeup on sensitive skin. It tends to crack over the day. It also makes your dry skin stand out. Instead, opt for makeup products with creamy textures. They are good for hydrating and moisturising the skin. If you can, choose those that have anti-ageing properties.

Beige and Bronze

eye makeup

Highly pigmented makeup tends to cause allergies and bad reactions to flare up. Eye shadow, in particular, is a lot of colours, and that’s why it causes a lot of skin reactions. If you want to be on the safe side, go for beige or bronze colours. These don’t have a lot of pigments as compared to purple, blue, and deep red. The same rule applies to lipstick. If the colour is darker, it means that it has more hues, which dry the lips and cause allergic reactions.

You don’t have to fear to put on makeup if you have a sensitive skin type. It’s all about knowing the best products for your skin and staying away from formulation and preservatives that can worsen your skin condition. You should also look into your skincare routine as it may be the reason your skin type has not improved over the years.


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