7 Key Elements of an Oriental-Themed Apartment

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With its lacquer cabinets, turquoise-colored upholstery, and quaint water feature, Asian-inspired interior design is truly a visual feast.

A fusion of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese elements, an Asian aesthetic creates an atmosphere of elegance, timelessness, and vibrancy to your home.

So, if you want to turn your apartment into a luxurious and relaxing retreat, here are seven ways to integrate a distinct Oriental style into your interior.

Nature-Inspired Aesthetic

When it comes to colors, the Asian interior is all about contrast.

To establish an ambiance of restful elegance, the Asian interior draws inspiration from muted colors of nature. Subdued shades such as ivory, cream, beige, light gray, and taupe are commonly used on walls. This neutral palette is soft on the eyes and serves as a perfect backdrop for the entire apartment.

To add an element of luxury, Asian interiors also use silk wallpaper. With its intricate designs of birds, flowers, and trees, silk wallpapers are wonderful additions to your Oriental-themed apartment.

Theatrical Colors

Asian aesthetic makes use of bursts of bold color to complement the laid-back backdrop. The playful use of vibrant hues such as imperial red, turquoise, purple, and lime green makes the interior look majestic and enchanting.

By using upholstery, throw pillows, and wall trimmings with loud colors, you will definitely cop that Asian vibe. And if you blend these colors with gold and deep sable, you’ll surely create an atmosphere of old-world opulence in your apartment.

Balanced Elements

Asian-inspired homes are anchored on the principle of balance. Symmetry is observed in the arrangement of furniture to achieve a polished look. But balance is also practiced in colors and textures in Oriental spaces.

If your couch boasts a soft beige color, use throw pillows with patterns in Persian blue. If you own a glass-topped dining table, outline it with elegant copper stools. Asian interior is just a matter of balancing out the elements in your living area.

Organic Textures

wood blind

Asian interior has an affinity for natural elements. To add a rustic charm to your apartment, opt for elegant wooden blinds for your windows. You can also make use of bamboo flooring to capture the outdoor vibes.

Aside from that, potted plants are organic decorations you can integrate into your interior. Adding these leafy elements will surely establish a sense of peace and relaxation to your living area.

Meanwhile, you can add texture to your bare walls by refurbishing selected areas of your apartment with round river rocks, which is evocative of the Asian outdoors.

Stimulating Trimmings

An Oriental-themed home appeals to all of your senses. It does not only rely on visual elements to capture a state of restfulness.

Asian interior usually makes use of scented candles or incense to create a climate of absolute tranquility. These elements should always be part and parcel of your Asian-style apartment.

Aside from that, since Oriental homes have high regard for feng shui, incorporating wind chimes are deemed essential decors. Not only do they add charm to your home, but they are also believed to foster positive energies in your household.

Oriental-Style Screens

Asian interior tries to integrate its rich culture into every home element.

Oriental-inspired folding screens will give your apartment more character. Not only are they visually arresting, but they are also utilitarian. Since you’re working on a limited space, you can use them as stylish dividers in your living area. You can also use a folding screen as a makeshift dressing room in your bedroom.

Opt for designs that mesh well with your Asian theme. There are folding screens designed with elements of nature, such as birds and flowers. Choose colors in gold and black for a more mystic and majestic feel to your apartment. There are also foldable shoji screens that capture the Japanese aesthetic. This charming decor is reminiscent of the country’s distinct architecture and will definitely elevate your Asian interior.

Flowing Feature

Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of trickling water. If you must know, the Asian interior invests in enchanting water features.

You can install a small to a medium-sized fountain in your apartment. These fountains are usually made out of wood, ceramic, or glass. Aside from being a strong focal point to your interior, fountains can also attract positive vibes in your apartment. According to feng shui, it’s best to place your fountain at the front of the door to encourage the right flow of energy.

Asian interior is more than aesthetic. It aims to build a relaxing, inviting, and nurturing home through each design element.

If your parents are already under senior care and you’re living alone in the city, decorating your place is truly a joy. So, if you want to turn your apartment into a sanctuary, you might want to incorporate this style.


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