Turn Your Garden into a Haven

Some of the most successful people have a go-to place. They close their eyes for five minutes, and they’re in a place that gives them a sense of relaxation. In the same way, some of the most beautiful yards have a garden escape tucked behind a house. Homeowners have a place to go to where they can relax without leaving the house. And because the world is in a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to create an outdoor escape in your yard.

But when you get to your yard, it’s cluttered with furniture and the kid’s toys and play equipment. It looks chaotic enough that you don’t want to go there for now.

You can do something about it. Maybe this is a project for you!

Transform your yard into a place where you, your family, and friends can unwind and breathe fresh air. A place where you can escape.

If you’re up to the challenge, here are some ideas to get you started.

Clean and Refresh Your Yard

It’s best to work with a clean slate. According to The Spruce, it’s important to clear clutter first. Don’t worry, no need to remove everything.

All you have to do is take away all the clutter — toys, furniture, empty planters, and the likes. If you already have plants in your yard, trim overgrown plants and remove all the debris. If you have a tree in there, cut away dead and damaged branches and tree limbs.

With a clean yard, it’ll be easier to see what needs fixing. Examine your yard, including the house exterior. Check for loose boards on your deck. If you have outdoor structures, check for damages and other issues.

Take note of all the repairs and removals to be done. Repair what you can and remove anything that doesn’t belong there.

Now, you have a clean and refreshed yard that you can work with.

Plant a Garden

Add lush greenery surrounding your outdoor escape. Add some fall colors to help you embrace the changing season. Violas, chrysanthemums, and pansies are autumn favorites. Chrysanthemums, in particular, can come in a variety of colors — gold, yellow, and red. You can also plant them in a planter and put them along an outdoor stairway or outside your front door.

If you carefully plan and select your plants, it can help set the theme in your space. It can even transport you to your favorite vacation spot. However, the key is to select plants that can adapt to your local climate. These can be easily seen in your local nursery, so no worry about that. You can mix it with plants from other regions.

You should also prepare some planters that you can add later when you place decor and furniture. Plant eye-catching varieties of flowers in a huge planter. You can put this later near a seating area. Plant succulents on a shallow pot. It can be placed as a centerpiece on a table for later.

Whether you opt for a garden full of herbs and vegetables, or one focused on flowering plants, a garden can add beauty to your outdoor space. For an added layer of privacy, add plants with full leaves and tall stems.

Add a Seating Area and Shaded Spots

Next, add some seating elements to your garden. It’ll start to look more like an outdoor escape when you have the right seats in place. You can also add a swing for the kids or a hammock for you and your partner. Or, you can also add a dining space outdoors. Just remember to use waterproof and UV-deterrent fabrics on your furnishings.

Your space can become even more private and inviting with the right shading. You can use a patio umbrella if you have a table in the middle of the yard. Retractable rolling awnings are more appropriate if you want to place your dining area beside the house. Trees, trellises, pergolas, and arbors planted with climbing plants can also act as natural shading elements.

Style with Outdoor Decor

Turn your garden into an oasis with outdoor decor. Add in a few elements that can enhance the beauty of your plants and furniture. Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding water elements, small outdoor structures, lighting, and the right building materials for outdoor decor.

You can install a small electric fountain near the kids’ swing or a birdbath near an arbor. You can install tiles of different colors and textures, too. Pathways can also define each space.

And, to enjoy your garden escape when it’s already dark outside, add some ambient lighting. You can also install lights along the pathway and in strategic places around your garden to highlight plants.

Transform Your Yard

Yards should be transformed into a place of enjoyment and refuge. Follow these tips and create your garden escape today.


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