Winter Wardrobe Staples: What to Have in Your Closet

winter clothes

The season of bundling up is coming, but that doesn’t mean you can just let your style go. Nobody said comfort should compromise style. Whether you’re spending the holidays with your loved ones or chilling in the dorm with your friends, serving looks this winter is a must.

From beanies and wool hoods to snow boots and ski shoes, with these seven winter wardrobe essentials for teenagers and adults alike, you wouldn’t only feel warm but also look hot from head to toes.

Wool hoods

Just like the transition of punk rock to mellow indie, 2000s beanies have now evolved into wool hoods. Detachable hoods are getting traction this year. Not only are knitted wool hoods perfect for bad hair days, but they also complement insulated sweaters smoothly. Imagine rocking a Taylor Swift-inspired outfit with an angelic white crocheted wool hood. It’s like telling a story through your outfit. 

Snood scarves

Let’s paint a picture. Imagine a cozy cowl that can keep your neck and shoulders warm. Imagine a knit bonnet that protects your head from the snow. Now, imagine them together. One infinity fabric of a scarf connecting to a hood. A thick and fashionable accessory that can keep your head, neck, and shoulders warm while still being reasonably easy to style.

Snoods are the peak cold-weather scarf perfect for comfy and casual Instagram-worthy couture from autumn to spring. You can pair it with the casual jeans and boots dynamic or a more freeing combination of shirt and leggings. The practicality of owning one and the flexibility of its use make it the second one on this list.

Sweater dress and leather jackets

Leather jackets will never go out of style. That’s why it’s always on the list of men’s clothing must-haves. Whether you want to rock a James Dean leather jacket and white t-shirt combo or a Riverdale-inspired trendy hoodie underneath a leather jacket look, this classic mid and outerwear is one of the most versatile fashion essentials you’ll ever need.

And for the ladies, pairing it with a sweater dress will make you look like a fashion icon instantly. The perfect fusion of elegance and comfort, wearing a sweater dress under a brown or black cropped leather jacket would give you the opportunity to drop jaws without exposing your body to the freezing breeze of winter. And adding a pair of knee-high boots to that ensemble would transform you into an edgy Elsa for sure.

Puffer jackets

puffer jacket

You’ve probably seen the puffer jacket trend on one of your midnight scrolls. This practical yet overly fashionable piece of aesthetic clothing is taking 2021 fashion trends by storm. And understandably so. By combining the science of insulation layers and the art of quilted stitching, warming up your body without looking bulky is achieved.

It’s also lightweight compared to the traditional fur coat, so it boasts more movability. And most importantly, it’s not too flashy. It embodies the less is more kind of vibe that oozes with a boy and girl next door feeling. It makes you look good without looking like you’re trying.

Insulated leggings

This is quite simple. Keeping your legs warm is a must but being seen wearing leg warmers is so 80s. This is where your fleece-lined leggings come in. They may look like your everyday pair, but they keep you warm. Compared to other fabrics, the blending of synthetic fiber and wool provides more warmth.

That’s why fleece leggings were used by astronauts to keep themselves warm before it even became a fashion trend.  So, if they can keep the astronauts warm on the moon, they will most probably keep you cozy in your room.

Snow boots

Your outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of weatherproof snow boots. If you’re aiming for a simple lounge at the local café, a simple Izzie genuine shearling lace-up boots can give you the mysterious look-at-what-I’m-reading vibe. Plus, its lug sole can save your life when walking on slippery roads. But if you’re gearing up for something more exciting, going with a pair of Tecnica Mach 1 boots can be the wiser choice in keeping you safe as you get your adrenaline rush.

Touchscreen gloves

This serves as a wonderful bonus. Since keeping your fingers and hands warm is as important as keeping every other part of your body warm, getting your hands on a pair of fashionable gloves is essential. But most people find it a drag to remove their gloves each time they have to use their phones.

A pair of marled touchscreen gloves from Urban Outfitters solves that problem easily. With its fingertip accents being touch screen compatible, your selfie-gaming gets elevated. And with multiple cute color schemes to choose from, these ribbed cuff gloves surely deserve a spot on this list.

Remember that with the right wardrobe, you can serve looks no matter what the season is. But more importantly, keep in mind that investing in quality clothes is essential not only for your appearance but also for your health.


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