Gardening Trends for Your Landscaping Project

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Taking care of your garden requires time and effort. As much as you want to keep your garden in tip-top shape, there are other aspects in your life that are keeping you away from doing so—from simple garden tasks like mowing your lawn to the more drastic one like relandscaping your garden.

Before you try to apply the new garden trends to your own space, keeping it clean is a must. If you do not have the time to do so, a backyard cleanup service in Perth is a just phone call away. You will no longer have the excuse to delay your gardening project. All you need now is an inspiration to turn your garden into a picture-perfect view worthy to be on the cover of a gardening magazine.

Your garden is a reflection of your household. It is the part of your home seen by neighbors and strangers. It is also the view that welcomes you and your guests upon entering your home. Keeping it pretty can instantly boost your mood as a homeowner. That piece of nature in your home is meant to be a spot where you can breathe and relax. To inspire your relandscaping project, here is a list of gardening trends that will not change anytime soon:

The use of natural materials for your patio

One way to instantly transform the look of your garden is to redecorate your patio. Having a well-designed patio can allow you to enjoy the beauty of your garden. It is a place where you can have your afternoon tea or have guests over for cocktails. It can be a matter of rearranging the furniture or changing the furniture entirely.

The trend now calls for the use of natural materials such as rattan, linen, macramé, and earth-toned hues. To break the neutral tones of natural materials, you can choose ethnic or geometric patterns for your throw pillows and cushions.

The kind of landscaping that recreates the growth of wildflowers

Gone are the days when structured landscaping was the hottest trend. Gardeners are seeing a newer trend inspired by the English meadow look. Try imagining a field where Jane Austen’s characters usually take a stroll. It’s that place.

You can opt for a more relaxed look where shrubs, grasses, bulbs, and flowers can grow in a natural and asymmetric manner to achieve that rustic vibe. To keep this style from looking messy, it’s better to ask a professional for help.

The choice of plants that can naturally survive in the climate you live in

Gardening tools and flowers on the terrace in the garden

Having an irrigation system is great and all, but now, people are more mindful of the environment. Choose plants that can store water and collect excess water in their soil. Lately, summer is hotter than ever. Use plants that are meant to survive in a dry environment.

The addition of bright flowers to your garden

If you agree that adding a pop of color to your living room can increase its character, then you will surely agree that the same can be said for your garden. This is done by using bright flowers in your landscaping project. For that luxurious vibe, choose a combination of flowers in the shade of purple, red, gray, and ash blue.

Don’t be afraid to play around with ideas for your garden. Let your garden leave a lasting impression on anyone who will see it.


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