How to Use Boulders to Create the Garden of Your Dreams


Homeowners often overlook boulders when designing their garden. However, you can use these oversized rocks to resolve various garden issues, while adding high-impact visual interest to the space.

Are you interested in giving these gigantic rocks a roll? Here are some ideas.

As Wall Retainers

When your ground is on an incline or sloped, you can use huge boulders for building varying levels. The soil will be cut back to build a flat surface or ledge and the boulders will be used for holding back the soil. You can dry set or mortar them together, or simply nestled and stacked without any mortaring involved.

As Borders for Water Features

If you have or are planning to build a swimming pool or pond in your backyard and want it to look natural to match the style of your home, you can use huge landscaping rocks in Utah as borders. These will be perfect for organic-looking swimming pools and ponds.

As Extra Garden Seating

Do you need more seating space in your garden? Opt for long flattop boulders. These work particularly well in courtyards, fire pits and patio borders.

Just be careful when placing boulder seats in areas that get lots of sun because they might become too hot and uncomfortable to sit on when summer season comes around. Consider placing your boulder seating under a leafy tree or some kind of shade so that you can make the most out of no matter the weather.

As Erosion Control

If your ground has a grade change or slope but you do not like the look of building levels with retaining walls, you can utilize boulders strategically to keep the soil intact and avoid erosion. When doing this, make sure that the boulders are nestled deep and properly so that they will not roll away.

For a more natural look and feel, plant natural plantings such as flowering perennials and ornamental grasses around the boulders.

As Garden Accents

garden boulder

Add a huge flat boulder near a tree for kids to play on and jump on, or build a boulder patio surrounding an especially enormous and interesting boulder. You can also unleash your creative side to create boulder sculptures and visually arresting towers in strategic locations around your garden.

As a Border for Your Garden

Majority of gardens have some kind of border for keeping mulch and soil inside plant and flowerbeds, and keeping landscaping materials and grasses out. You can utilize smaller boulders for defining the beds naturally by nestling them into the beds’ edges prior to planting and applying mulch.

A final word: if you are planning to move the boulders yourself, it is extremely vital that you protect your back and other body parts. Wear protective gloves to protect your hands and always bend at the knees when picking up boulders from a lower surface.

If you can, roll the bigger boulders to avoid hurting your back. If you are not 100% confident you can move them yourself, call some friends over or rent machinery to avoid potential injuries.


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