What to Wear on a Date, Based on Location

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When it comes to dating, your matchmakers can only do so much. You also ned to make an effort, including making the best impression with the clothes you’re wearing.

Dressing for a date can be difficult. There are so many different factors to consider, like where the date is taking place and what tone you’re trying to set. You want your outfit to convey that you’re stylish, but not too flashy or revealing. And then there’s the matter of comfort!

To help you out, check out these clothing ideas depending on your date location:

If You’re Going Out to a Museum or Art Gallery

For a date at the museum or art gallery, it’s best to dress in monochromatic tones. You want to look sophisticated and stylish without looking too flashy. Both you and your date will be surrounded by a lot of striking images, so it helps if both of you tone things down a little.

It’s very easy to find something in black, navy, or gray that will suit you. Go with a pair of pants and a nice blouse, for example. Pair them with some neutral shoes, so you can walk around easily without having to change outfits.

If your date is more on the casual side, try finding something in solid brown or tan instead of monochromatic tones. Meanwhile, if you want to really spice things up, go for a solid black dress with some red pumps or find something in deep purple instead of plain black. You can also look for dresses made in interesting patterns. Just avoid anything too loud that will draw attention away from the paintings.

If You’re Going Out to a Lounge/Bar/Club

This is probably the hardest type of date to dress for. If you want to look casual, then try picking up a pair of jeans and a shirt. Jeans are always great because they can be dressed up or down as much as you like depending on what kind of shoes and accessories you wear with them.

Don’t go too far with the accessories because you’ll end up looking like an advertisement for a fashion label. Instead, focus on the basics like earrings and simple necklaces that don’t scream, “Look at me!”

If you’re more daring, then try finding something in leather. Leather skirts are always sexy. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be paired with a lovely blouse or fitted shirt.

Leather pants are always hot, but be careful with this because you can easily go from looking stylish to trashy.

3. If You’re Going on a Hike

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If you’re going on a hike, then you need to wear something very light and breathable. Natural fibers are best for this because they are usually loose-fitting but still keep in warmth.

Avoid anything made of wool or polyester since these materials can trap sweat against your body, which will just make you colder when the hike is over.

Instead, opt for some kind of thin cotton or a heavier, natural fiber like hemp. These materials will breathe as you walk and won’t leave you too hot or cold as the hike progresses.

If it’s raining, make sure your clothes are water resistant! Waterproof shoes can also help if you don’t want to get your feet wet.

If You’re Going Out to the Beach/Pool

It’s very easy to find swimsuits with beautiful designs these days. If you’re not sure what to wear for your date, then it might be a good idea to buy something new instead of bringing out an old suit that is worn down or uncomfortable.

There are two main things to keep in mind when looking for a beach or pool-appropriate date outfit: color and fit.

Make sure the color you pick is something that complements your skin tone. When it comes to fit, try to bring out your best assets and downplay your less-than-best parts. For example, if you have a flat chest, then pick a top that will give your bust some extra oomph.

As for bottoms, men don’t have as many options so they should stick with something very simple like shorts or trunks.

If You’re Having a Brunch

Vibrant colors and patterns are great for a brunch date because they’re not too flashy and you don’t want to look too formal.

Light and airy fabrics are best, but make sure they aren’t see-through! Lace is always a great choice when it comes to lingerie, so it can also work for date outfits.

Avoid anything too tight or revealing, especially if you’re not sure how well your date knows you yet. You don’t want to give them the wrong idea! Loud colors and patterns are also a no-no. Stick to muted shades instead.

Remember, you’re going on a date to have fun! At the end of the day, find the appropriate clothes that you feel most comfortable with.


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