Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid

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There’s no question that working out should be an essential part of one’s daily life to become and stay physically fit. However, there are common workout mistakes that even the longest gym-goers fall victim to which can hinder progress or even lead to injuries. So, whether you’re doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), strongman exercises, CrossFit or any other regimen in your Seattle gym or fitness center, here are common mistakes that you should always watch out for:

Not Putting in the Effort

Some people complain that they’ve been going to the gym for months but haven’t gained any muscles or barely lose any weight. It’s possible that they haven’t put much effort into their workouts at all. It’s not all too uncommon to see people at the gym reading a book or looking at their phones while on the treadmill, or lift small weights that can barely make them sweat. If you’re not serious with your workout, you shouldn’t expect serious results. It’s important that you’re able to exert yourself, and drive yourself to your limits and find ways to keep going. Speed up the treadmill or lift heavier weights and add more reps than you normally do.

Going Too Fast, Too Intense, or Too Heavy, Too Soon

People sometimes go to the gym and want fast results. As such, they go for heavier weights and more grueling workouts right at the start. This sometimes results in them tiring out too soon, and perhaps even skipping the gym for days due to body pain. In some cases, overestimating your exercises can lead to injury. So it’s important to pace yourself and gradually push your limits. A good gym coach or personal trainer would be able to gauge your capacity and help guide you towards your desired results.

Dietary Discipline

Person eating fast foodIt’s not uncommon to see people still falling for the same pitfall of dietary denial. Some people believe that once they start working out and put in their time at the gym, that they can continue with their current diet (even though they might be unhealthy), or make working out as an excuse to eat more. If your goal is to lose that fat and weight, it’s important that you not only watch your workout but also what you put inside your body. Even if you put in a lot of effort, if you end up visiting the local pizza or doughnut shop right after the gym, you’ll find it hard to lose weight and fat. The opposite also happens for some people, they go on very restrictive diets (and sometimes even “purge”) to lose weight fast, and this can be very harmful. So, when you’re committed to getting physically fit, you should have a well-balanced nutritious diet to keep you healthy and fueled.

Sticking to the Same Set of Workout

It’s easy to see why people stick to the same set of exercises every time they go to the gym, or workout at home: you become accustomed to it, and it’s easier to do the more you do it. However, once you hit that level wherein you’ve fully adapted to the workout, it no longer becomes effective in further building your strength, nor would it promote physical fitness progression or weight loss. So, it’s important to have some variation in your workout regimen, and it’s also integral to increase the length, the number of weights, and the number of lengths of your workouts once you get used to them.


It’s important that you’re made aware of these common workout mistakes to ensure that your time and effort in working out doesn’t go to waste and that you wouldn’t get injured. So the next time you’re working out, make sure to keep avoid these mistakes so you can reach your fitness goal.


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