How to Determine if You Should Return Uniforms You Ordered

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As an employer, you have a right to ask your warehouse employees to wear uniforms. But you should not ambush them. It would be wise to spell out your workwear conditions within the employment agreement.

You can source for corporate uniforms in various ways. You can even find workwear for warehouse use online. But be prepared to scrutinise the clothes you order. Some may have to be returned. You should not be afraid of doing so if you are justified in your situation. Here are some cases that may call for you to return your employee’s uniform:

  1. The clothing is not the right kind

Corporate uniforms usually bear the company brand. Your organisation has a unique brand like any other business out there. So if you place an order for workwear that carries your brand but end up getting non-branded clothing with a different brand, you should return it.

It does not make sense for your employees to wear such clothes. They will end up looking like they don’t belong in your company or as if they work for your competition. That is never a good thing.

Usually, when you receive the wrong company apparel, it’s because someone on the manufacturing end was careless. It can also be an accidental mix-up. Either way, you have a right to get the uniforms that you order.

   2. The clothing does not fit right

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When placing an order for warehouse workwear online, you may have to submit the measurements of the employees through the same platform. There is always a possibility that the sizes you send will not be reflected in the branded uniforms that you get back.

It could be that the measurements that were provided were the wrong kind. That is an honest mistake that could happen if you don’t have a professional to take those measurements. You may also have made a mistake when keying in the measurement values. It is also possible that the workwear makers, on the other end, misread the measurements, thus making uniforms that don’t fit. Your employees may also have gained or lost weight since they were measured.

These reasons show why it is good to place business uniform orders with a company that allows for free returns. That way, you can request changes to ensure the workwear fits your employees as they should.

   3. The clothing falls short of the safety guidelines

Some industries have safety guidelines and regulations that must be adhered to. That means your warehouse workers may need to wear protective clothing that meets the required standards. Examples include the need for bright-coloured reflector strips for high visibility. These standards may dictate the colours on your company uniforms, as well as the design and fabrics used.

So if you outline the safety standards your company uniforms must meet but fail to get the right protective clothing, you should return them. It is a matter of your employees’ safety. If something wrong happens because you did not adhere to the rules and regulations, your company will be held liable, and your staff can get hurt.

Your employees should be comfortable and safe in their company clothing. So ensure that they get the right type that fits well and represents your brand effectively. Sometimes, achieving that means returning the wrong company uniforms.


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