Is cosmetic dentistry for you?

cosmetic dentistry

Do you adore red wine? Are you addicted to coffee? With age, have your teeth become more discoloured over time? Or maybe you have realised that some of your teeth are crooked and becoming more yellow too? If the answer to some or all of these questions is yes, then reaching out to your dentist to ask about the various options for you, could be the answer!

But which treatments are the best for me?

Most dentists have a full selection of cosmetic procedures to choose from which include teeth whitening, veneers and periodontal surgery, to name but a few. There are so many choices on offer, it could feel that choosing the right dental solution for you is confusing!  But speaking to your dentist will help you through the maze of options in order to come to the best treatment for you and your teeth.

How to be a bobby dental dazzler!

Whether you want to have a glamorous A-lister smile or you just want to have lighter, brighter teeth, your dental practitioner will be able to give you advice.  Many clinics offer two kinds of whitening treatments, the first is to have your teeth made lighter at your dental practice.  The whole process takes around 60 minutes and involves a lamp being placed over your teeth to activate the bleach.  The alternative way is home whitening, where a plastic mould is made specifically to fit the shape of your mouth and teeth, then the whitening gel is used in this overnight at your home.  You will start to see the whitening process work gradually after around two weeks, but many patients start to see a difference in a few days.

What if you have crooked and yellowing teeth?

crooked teeth

Treatments such as veneers offer a super solution for those who have the double problem of discoloured, plus crooked teeth.  Veneers can be made of either porcelain or the same composite materials used for white fillings.  Porcelain veneers are more natural to look at and longer lasting.  With this treatment, teeth can be made to look whiter and at the same time, straighter, as a new replacement tooth surface is fitted over the old tooth.

Hello to the new confident you!

The benefits of cosmetic dental procedures are plain to see, not only can they make you appear younger, by drawing eyes away from any lines and wrinkles, but they can also boost your confidence and make you seem friendlier as your smiles and laughter start to return.   There really is no need to suffer in silence these days, no one wants to live a life of hiding their mouth behind their hand in social situations.  With all the modern dental technology, there are an enormous amount of options available.

Take that step now to ‘Hollywood Smile Heaven’ by contacting your dentist and asking for the best advice on how to start your dental journey in order to reach your ultimate, brilliantly beaming end goal!


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