Unique Wedding Ideas for People Who Love the Great Outdoors


Your wedding is one big event that you will remember for the rest of your life. Instead of sticking to the basics, let the celebration reflect your personality. Here are some ideas you should incorporate to your wedding:

A Silicone Wedding Ring

If you and your partner have an active lifestyle, seal your love for each other and to the great outdoors by opting for a ring that moves with you. Silicone rings are increasingly becoming popular not just among athletes, but also people who engage in physical activities. 

Silicone rings offer several options like wedding bands for bikers, hikers, or runners. Bands come in different fun colors and nature scenes, depending on your personality. Unlike gold, silicone is extremely flexible and significantly cheaper. If you got into an accident while on a hiking trip, it would be easy to pull off or cut a silicone ring from an injured hand. If, in case you lost it on a camping trip, it would be easier to replace than an expensive band. 

An Unusual Wedding Destination

Outdoor weddings are in fashion, but take it to the next level by bringing your guests to the one place you love the most. Whether you are a hiker or a skiier, the setting of your wedding should reflect that. 

It might be challenging to find a minister who would be willing to travel or trek to your wedding, but they are out there. As per Backpacker.Com, Pastor Steve Hughes of the Yosemite CrossWay Church, for example, is ready to officiate backpacker weddings. So does Rabbi Jamie Korngold, the country's first "Adventure Rabbi." 

Travel in Style

Instead of a vintage car, opt for a cozy sleigh ride to end a destination wedding on top of a snowy mountain or, like one couple, take your new bike for a spin and ride it downhill after the ceremony. In 2018, Nicole Corrado and her husband Danny made headlines after their photo downhilling in their wedding garb went viral on social media. The newlyweds were avid mountain biking fans, so they decided to incorporate the hobby to their wedding. Aside from a kickass photo, they got to ride downhill with some of their closest friends. 

Be sure to only invite your fellow enthusiasts to partake in the activity, though. Do not force guests to ride a bike or ski downslope if they cannot do it. 

Ditch the Princess Tulle

If you have never been the kind of girl who dreamt of becoming a princess, skip the ball gown and opt for something that is more like your style. Thankfully, more designers are leaning toward unconventional garb that is not a floor-length gown but still looks wedding appropriate. For the past couple of years, elegant jumpsuits, short dresses, and non-white numbers have been dominating fashion runways around the world. Embrace who you are on your wedding day by wearing something that celebrates what is truly unique about you. 

You do not have to conform to every idea of what a wedding should look like if you do not want to. Your wedding day is about you and your partner, so incorporate details that celebrate you. Even if you simply customizing your wedding cake topper, adding something unique to the ceremony and reception will definitely help you remember the day fondly.


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