Skincare Slip-Up: When Beauty Rest Causes Wrinkles

Have your Skin Care Routine

They say that sleep is the best of the best beauty hacks ever discovered. It allows your skin to repair itself. It gets rid of puffy eyes. It gives off a better, healthier appearance. But it’s also worth noting that you could be doing it wrong. And as a result, you may not be experiencing these benefits. Worse, you could be making yourself vulnerable to premature wrinkles. As much as we don’t want sleep to be complicated, if you want to avoid the fine lines, you should pay attention to how exactly you do your beauty rest.

Sleep Sins

One of the things that trigger the formation of fine lines during sleep is, believe it or not, your position. If you’re a stomach sleeper, your face is constantly pressed against. Your facial muscles are stretched uncomfortably, which, over time, can produce the dreaded wrinkles. Often, on the forehead area. Sleeping on the side has the same effect, too, if you think about it. But the more affected areas are cheeks and chin. At the same time, the frown lines and creases around the lips get more pronounced, too (which might mean going in again for Juvederm at a Utah clinic). So the best sleeping position to ward off unwanted lines is on your back. If you’re not used to this, try resting on a contoured pillow or with large cushions on the side, to avoid flipping over or to the side.

Not only does your position matter in taking care of skin while sleeping. The material of your pillowcases matters, too. A lot of people use cotton because it’s the popular choice, oblivious to the fact that these materials offer a coarse texture on the skin. It pulls your skin when you change sleep positions through the night. The more skin-friendly option is silk or satin. This stuff is soft, enabling your skin just to glide when making contact. The bottom line, if you don’t want your beauty sleep to backfire, pay attention to your sleeping position, and bed linens.

Youthful, Healthier Appearance

Now, if you do notice visible lines already in the face, there are many ways to smooth that out. It’s highly advisable that you put retinol as part of your nighttime skincare routine before sleeping. Do note that this may cause redness and peeling at first. But when the peeling stops, it should not be uncomfortable anymore.

Of course, there’s also plastic surgery as an option. If you do decide to go this route, though, make sure to have realistic cosmetic goals. Discuss openly with your doctor. You may consider injections, too. Botox is effective in treating crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead creases. Dermal fillers are also a popular choice. This will not just smoothen lines, but also make your face look plumper and healthier. With this, you’ll wake up every day from beauty rest fresh and young.

How’s Your Sleep?

sleeping well

It’s possible that your beauty rest is giving you the fine lines. Don’t let it. Perfect your sleep, just like your 5-step, 10-step skincare routine. Consider procedural options too in getting back that youthful, healthy glow.


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