In-demand Healthcare Careers That You Can Try

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Health care is an essential part of society. Everyone needs some sort of healthcare assistance at least once in their life. With that, healthcare careers are in demand.

There are various healthcare jobs in many different fields, from technical to administrative tasks. You can apply to different healthcare institutions or become part of vetted healthcare providers for healthcare staffing companies. If you want to try a healthcare career, here are the most in-demand job positions that you can try now:

Home Health Aide

The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that home health aides have the most significant growth in the healthcare field now. They are considered to acquire 47% of growth from 2016 to 2026.

Home health aides are responsible for helping elderly people who are ill or unable to perform typical day-to-day activities. They can work in nursing homes and senior living facilities. But it’s also common for them to come and visit the patients at their own homes.

When it comes to salary, home health aides are just above the minimum wage. So it’s not the highest-paying job. But it doesn’t require a degree, so even high school graduates can become one.

Physician Assistant

With a growth rate of 37% ending in 2026, there is an expectation that physician assistants (PAs) will be more in demand now. PAs can have various specialties and may have a wide range of responsibilities. Besides assisting a physician, they can also see patients, diagnose them, and recommend medications and treatments as any physician would. To become a PA, you need to have a college degree and a master’s degree in a physician assistant program.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner’s job is a high-paying one, much like that of a physician’s. Additionally, it’s expected to have a 36% growth rate in the coming years.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are different from registered nurses (RNs) in a way that they can see patients, diagnose them, and treat them. But their primary responsibilities are like that of an RN, where they administer medications and monitor patients. Anyone who wants to become an NP should have a master’s or a doctorate degree.

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Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist (OT) is responsible for helping injured, ill, and disabled people perform basic day-to-day tasks, including getting dressed and moving around. OTs can be found in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and senior living facilities, schools, and more.

To become an OT, you will need either a master’s degree or a doctorate in the related course. Most states also require you to acquire a license from the government.

Meanwhile, occupational therapy assistants are also in demand, with 29% growth by 2026. They assist OTs with various tasks. It’s easier to become an OT assistant as you only need an associate’s diploma.

Registered Nurse

There is still a significant demand for registered nurses (RNs), though the growth is slowing compared to before. By 2026, the demand will grow to 15%, where there will likely be a need for 400,000 new RNs. RNs have college degrees and higher wages than medical assistants.

Besides the ones listed above, there are several other jobs that you can get. There are technical positions such as being a radiologist. You can also have an administrative job such as being a medical director. Your choice is vast.


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