Important Things to Prepare for as a Bridesmaid for the First Time

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Being chosen as a bridesmaid is a dream come true for some. But not all can be prepared for this kind of role. Especially the ones who were tapped to be bridesmaids for the first time. Since you love your friend and you want to be by her side, you should be ready for the commitment.

You should think this through though. It’s not going to be all fun. You will be tasked to take on some important responsibilities for the bride. It’s time-consuming, to say the least. But it’s all worth it if it makes the bride happy.

So how are you going to prepare for this role? How can you prepare for the responsibilities of a bridesmaid? Check out some important points here and see if you can accept your best friend’s offer.

The cost

Some are afraid to take the bridesmaid role because of the expenses. It is definitely not cheap to be one. This also makes a valid reason to turn down the offer to be your friend’s bridesmaid. That’s why it’s important for you to know which expenses are you going to shoulder. Typically, the bridesmaid is expected to cover expenses for dresses, undergarments, bachelorette parties. Others are engagement gifts, bridal showers, wedding gifts, and more. And you can actually cover more if your budget permits. If not, it’s time for you to talk this through with the other bridesmaids so you all could meet halfway.

Your dress

It’s given that the cost of your dress is something you should prepare for. If you’re going to shop for dresses, it’s a good idea to shop with all the other bridesmaids. You should do this if the bride requires you all to be wearing similar-looking dresses. There’s a wide range of bridesmaid dresses prices. Pick the ones that suit you and your budget.

In case you really want to save on bridesmaid dresses, you can look for alternative options. There are services that let you rent dresses. You can also buy pre-loved bridesmaid dresses. In cases like this, some dresses just won’t fit you perfectly. You may need to shell out on having them altered. The most important thing here is you all would look presentable and feel comfortable.

bridal shower

Bridal shower

Bridal showers require the planners to be creative. You don’t have to worry since the other bridesmaids and the maid-of-honor can help you. Relay your input on what you think would be the most enjoyable bridal shower theme for the bride herself. Prepare activities for a game night. You can also just binge-watch your most favorite chick-flicks. Have a cooking session with all the bridesmaids and have the bride taste what you all prepared. There are lots of bridal shower themes you could come up with. You’d surely end up with some enjoyable ones if everyone’s input is considered and decided. It’s a party before your friend’s wedding so make it fun while it lasts.

Looking your best

While it’s just normal to not upstage the bride on her wedding day, it’s still essential to look your best. You have to since it’s your friend’s most important day. The bride will surely appreciate how her bridesmaids put effort into carrying themselves. Kick it off with all the beauty regimen you know. Get enough sleep every night until your friend’s wedding day. Eat healthily and drink plenty of water. If you think you want to get back in shape, consider a weight loss and management coach.

Continue doing skincare routines that are most effective to you. Pretty sure you’d look radiant on the big day. Take care of yourself just like how you think the bride would treat herself days leading up to her wedding day.

Caring for the bride

Last but most importantly, you have to take part in making sure that the bride is well-taken care of. The days before her wedding might make her the most nervous. Different thoughts may play in her head like some scenarios in movies. You don’t want her to feel stressed during these times. You have to keep in mind that you should be there to support her along the way. Give her the comfort she needs whenever she feels anxious.

Make her feel that you’re always there; that she can reach out to you whenever she feels anxious about the whole preparation. You need to be there not just as a friend, but also as a bridesmaid. Getting an invitation to be her bridesmaid is a big deal. That means the bride trusts you as her friend. You need to pay her back by doing your duties very well as her bridesmaid. That includes taking care of the bride in times she needs you.


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