Camping: An Adventure Fit for Both Young People and Seniors

Tents out in a camping site

Camping is an arduous, rough activity involving dirt, discomfort, and some degree of danger. For that reason, it’s usually marketed to the young, most especially teens and people in their 20s. Families are also targeted a lot, but it’s groups of friends that often enjoy a good camping experience.

What about senior adults, then? If you’ve never camped, you may be appalled at the idea of a 65-year-old sleeping in the woods. But apparently, camping is also beneficial for elders, and it’s even promoted by the American Camp Association.

Perhaps the biggest issue in camping for the elderly is comfort. Given that campsites are typically secluded, there may not be a nearby health facility for emergencies or a bathroom suitable for their decreased balance and mobility. But if you think about it, no elderly plagued by physical limitations is likely to go camping; the activity will be too inconvenient for them. Hence, a camp that’s fit for both the young and old isn’t necessarily a sluggish one if you’re worried about that.

With that said, if you’re wondering what to do for Christmas as a family, consider camping. The contact you’ll have with other people will be minimal, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick.

Make Camping Comfortable

If your entire family is camping for the first time, it’s best to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Consider glamping, which is a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping.” As the name states, it’s a luxurious version of camping as we know it.

There are glamping sites, where the tents are already furnished with a bed and a few cozy items. But you can DIY your own glamping experience, and potentially save more money.

You can do it anywhere, from designated campsites to national parks, which may be enjoyable for families. Thoroughly research the sites in your options, noting their safety, risks, accessibility, and other essential details. If hygiene is one of your biggest concerns, choose a location with trash services and decent bathrooms. Some even have showers, an absolute relief for clean freaks!

After choosing the most desirable site, search for a nice, sturdy tent. “Glamping for rent” websites are all over the internet, so finding your ideal tent should be easy. Carefully note the specifications of your options; you may find a spacious one, but that isn’t designed to withstand strong winds. So ascertain that your pick is durable and will allow you to stand upright inside.

Next, choose an affordable mattress that feels as good as an expensive one. An air mattress is an ideal pick for this; it’s just a pain to inflate, but your body will thank you as soon as you plop yourself down on it. Go for the double-thick kind, as it stays fluffy longer.

Bring as many pillows and blankets as you like. Nothing will feel better on a camping night than snuggling in the covers, warmed up by a bonfire.

friends out on a camping trip

Decorate Your Tent

Make your tent feel like home. Bring some string lights to make your campsite feel and look more romantic. Incorporate youthfulness through triangle flags, which you can hang on trees or along with your string lights.

Test your interior decorating skills inside your tent; bring some woven rugs, lightweight bedside tables, and accessories like flowers, books, and accent lights. Be sure that your accent lights will set the mood. Think of scented candles and vintage lantern lights. Scented candles are a must since they’d infuse a calming aroma inside your tent.

Make a Fine Dining Setup

Camping won’t always require you to collect firewood and roast rabbits. You can make a comfortable and efficient camp kitchen, with all the basics, plus a nice picnic mat or table.

Bring a cooler and a portable charcoal grill, and you won’t be forced to hunt. Indulge your playful side as you design your dining setup, trying out different beautiful table cloths, napkins, and tableware. Don’t forget the candles, too, as no fine dining setup is complete without them.

Enjoy the Experience

A camp that’s fit for both the young and the old also involves a lot of fun, adventure, and possibly a few minor mishaps. Don’t let the last discourage you; they’ll make hilarious stories to tell!

Make it an unplugged activity, so that you can all focus on every moment. Explore the nature, walking barefoot on the grass and listening to the birds sing. Take pictures of the oddities you’ll encounter, and follow the usual rule of taking nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.

Camping will ease the stress and worries of adults, especially older ones who might be feeling insecure. By gazing at the stars, they may realize that their problems and entire existence are just specks in the endless expanse of the universe.

It’s an activity for everyone, so elderly adults shouldn’t be overlooked in camping. They deserve a thrilling but relaxing experience just as much as younger adults do.


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