6 Causes of Itchy Eyes Decoded

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When your eyes start to itch all of a sudden, it can be bothersome. You can do just about anything to get relief from it. However, if you can unearth the reasons behind the itch, it will be better for you in the times to come.

Many of you might be working continuously in front of a computer screen. Blue light exposure is one of the reasons why eyes itch. Medication can sometimes help, but it can become a chronic issue.

Get to the bottom of your discomfort and find a life-long mediation measure. Here are a few causes of itchy eyes you should dig into.

Airborne Particles

No matter how often you go about your cleaning job, every house has these. Airborne particles emanate from the upholstery, the dirty humidifier, and the HVAC systems. Some irritants that bother you at home include pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold, amongst many others. Therefore, it is necessary to get the interiors cleaned once. Sometimes, it is beyond your capacity to clean every nook and corner. In such a situation, professionals perform better.

You will also come across such particles in the garden or front porch. You may be intolerant to the pollen that plants shed. It is a popular reason that is behind that itch. Additionally, you will find smoke and diesel to cause such issues. It is best to avoid the streets when traffic congestion is prime, like during office hours. You can also try wearing glares at all times when you are outside. Get your eyes checked by a specialist once in a while. You may get relief from the drops that the doctors prescribe.


You can get red and itchy eyes from eye inflammation. It is called blepharitis. Your eyes have oil glands at the base of the eyelashes. When they get blocked, it causes blepharitis. Unclean eyelids can also lead to such issues. Your healthcare provider will primarily ask you to do allergy testing for adults. The symptoms also include watery eyes and swelling. It can become chronic and lead to conjunctivitis if not treated on time.

Your ophthalmologist will ask you to get various tests done. They include blood tests, food challenges, medication, and patch tests. Skin tests are one of the best modes to get tested for irritants. You will do exceptionally well with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines.

Eye Strain

If you are sitting at a computer screen for a long time, then there are high chances that you will suffer from eye strain. Poorly lit areas can further aggravate your problem. If you drive too long in sunny weather or under harsh lights, it may also lead to eye strain. Indoor pollutants and defective temperature control systems can also cause stress on the eyes. Thus, it is best to take frequent breaks when working on computers. Additionally, you should take regular intervals while driving in inclement weather. Try to look away from the object of focus for some time to get some relief.

Other Infections

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Your eyes are highly vulnerable to bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause itching. Another common infection is conjunctivitis or pink eye, as some people call it. It spreads fast, so you need to wear protective glasses to ward off its spread. The iris is also known to get infected. The condition is called uveitis. When it does, you ought to stay away from direct light exposure. You should always head to an eye specialist when you have any issues with the eyes.

Doctors may suggest anti-inflammatory medicine and drops. In more severe cases, you might have to take immunosuppressants. If you do not get treated in times, such issues can aggravate and cause vision loss.

Seasonal Hypersensitivity

Some people get hypersensitive at certain times of the year. It can happen when pollen are in the air due to an entire bloom season. One way to determine whether you have hypersensitivity is excessive sneezing and nasal troubles. You should pay attention to local weather reports and wear masks to stall the symptoms. Additionally, you should take frequent showers to clean yourself. While traveling, ensure to keep your car windows shut. Anti-histamine medication can come to your rescue during such periods. If your symptoms are severe, it is best to go with prescription medication.

Dry Eyes

This is another common ailment that bothers people working on computers. It also starts manifesting with age. Some conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis can also aggravate the symptoms. You may get dry eyes, as the water that keeps it moist may evaporate rapidly. There may also be a blockage in your tear ducts. You can use OTC drops to clear the issue. For chronic problems, it’s best to see a doctor.

These are the top reasons why itchy eyes occur. If it’s a one-off case, take some OTC eye drops. However, chronic itches call for medical supervision, so don’t hesitate to see your trusted eye doctor.


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