Slow Fashion: Making Your Clothes Last Longer


Everyone can create a sustainable wardrobe by investing in eco-friendly brands and designs and giving pre-owned goods a second opportunity. However, taking care of our environment entails more than that. You can make the most out of your green initiative by keeping your closet changes slow and steady.

Suppose you want your clothes to last longer. In that case, it is essential to take proper care of the garments you possess. Extending the average lifetime of your apparel in as much as three months of usage each item can reduce water, carbon, and other environmental waste footprints.

Are you ready to introduce some new and healthy habits into your life? Here are some ways to help you keep your clothing looking beautiful for as long as necessary.

Choose Quality

Invest in higher-quality apparel. Superior quality pieces usually last longer since they are built of sturdier materials designed to make a lasting impression. As a result, they can withstand many times of washings and use.

Consider your wardrobe fundamentals that match your style. Will it go with the rest of your clothes? Try to spend a bit extra money on higher-quality wardrobe basics. However, consider that higher costs do not necessarily imply superior quality.

There are several things to look for while looking for well-made apparel. High-quality needlework and materials are available. Organic linen and cotton are excellent natural materials.

Consider Secondhand

Don’t want to spend extra money on high-quality items? It’s best to buy secondhand goods. Although it involves more work to get the most accurate fit, you can discover timeless and well-made vintage or antique clothing.

Protect Your Clothing

It doesn’t mean you ought to put safety shields over your clothes or anything! We all should, however, safeguard them against damage and discoloration. Are you having a dinner party at home? If you wear fancy clothing while cooking, wearing an apron is essential. It can shield your clothes from the bulk of blemishes and stains that are unavoidable in the kitchen. Although it might not be a foolproof choice, it’s better than not having protection at all.

If you do happen to acquire stains, ensure to remove them as quickly as possible using a stain-removing solution or a homemade rinse with a combination of vinegar and baking soda. The longer you keep the stain, the more challenging it will be to erase.

Establish Proper Wash Technique

dry cleaner

Consider what your clothing can go through when you throw it in the washer. Machine washing could be tough on your garments and can occasionally cause them to get damaged. It is prone to losing its original colors, falling apart, and shrinking. In that case, it’s best to look for a professional dry cleaner to take care of the task.

Sometimes, cleaning your clothes less frequently can genuinely keep them in excellent shape. Trousers and sweatshirts, for example, do not need to be thrown at the laundry basket after each use. These materials were designed specifically for this purpose. On the other hand, it’s best to clean t-shirts and gym clothing after each usage since they come into closer touch with your skin, accumulating more dirt and sweat.

Read Care Labels

Care instructions exist for a good purpose, but we might be guilty of disregarding them entirely. Shrinkage could occur if our items are cleaned at relatively high temperatures, or your white shirt might get discolored when laundered with darker apparel. These are some possible effects of failing to follow care recommendations.

So, the next time, you might want to reconsider clipping off the care labels. But often, these tags could be itchy and bothersome. If you do decide to tear them off, make a note of the care tips or snap photographs of them for future reference.

Go Natural

Excessive dryer usage can cause textiles to compress and elastics to wear down. Therefore, air-drying your clothing on a laundry rack or rail is gentler than putting them in the dryer since it eliminates static cling on materials.

In addition, if you dry the clothes correctly, you might not have to iron them. It is all scrunched up when you take your clothing out of the washer. So, the first step is to shake out the garments and then get them into the form you wish to wear them in. Doing so will reduce the appearance of creases in your clothes.

You should enjoy your clothing if you want to get the most use out of them as possible. Try styling it in unique ways to see them in a whole new light. Simply doing so, you might feel that you have extended your collection by putting together new ensembles using materials you already possess.


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