The Beauty Guide: Money-saving Hacks on Skin Care and Makeup

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As we were forced to navigate to the new normal, many of us tend to question the value of caring about skincare or makeup. Is it still worth the effort and the money? But regardless of the situation, it’s important to keep in mind that maintaining a self-care routine is essential for improving our appearance, confidence, and moods.

Makeup and skincare are among the most important parts of any beauty routine. However, as much as we love buying those products, their prices are not always pocket-friendly. So, in today’s blog, we’ll give you some practical tips on how you can save money on your beauty or skincare essentials.

1. Use what you already have

Hoarding beauty or self-care products is a common habit for any woman who’s into this lifestyle. However, the problem is, many tend to forget to first consume what they already have. Some even stopped using their products because they don’t like something, from your makeup to skincare itself. So, before you get excited about buying new products on sale, take a moment to go through your unused stuff. You might have three lipsticks of the same shade.

2. Consider consuming less

It’s a traditional strategy for advertisers to instill in our minds that we need to consume a product more to see great results. While this may be recommended on most skincare products, putting on too much highlighter, concealer, or eyeliner isn’t actually essential. In fact, it typically doesn’t end up looking great. Take on the trend of “less is more.” Keep your makeup at a minimum. Instead of using a sponge, which is known for absorbing more product, go for a brush. At the same time, not overusing your products make them last longer. Plus, you can focus more on making your skin healthier.

3. Always try before you buy

Are you one of those who unintentionally go to the store and pick up that lipstick because you think the shade looks pretty? But after trying it at home, you discovered it to be too bright for your skin color?  The next time you go to the store, take time to try it all out. Some brands and shops gladly offer refunds if their products don’t meet the expectations. Be sure to always check the return policies of the brands or shops to see if you can have the item replaced.

4. Purchase quality beauty tools

Quality beauty tools are not cheap, but they generally last longer than poorly made ones. Instead of buying hair styling tools from unreliable shops, why not invest in a quality styler from trusted brands like InStyler? Same for your makeup tools. The type of makeup doesn’t always matter as long as the application is right.  Instead of using a cheap Q-tip, why not purchase a more expensive yet better eye shadow brush?

Doing so can save money in the long term as you don’t have to buy tools now and then. Plus, you can also get away with using cheaper makeup too. It’s advisable to wash your makeup applicators, sponges, or brushes at least once every two months using soap and water to make them last longer. Let them air-dry after washing.

5. Shop at unconventional stores

We always want to get the best beauty products, which often leads us to visit exclusive shops or shopping malls. But if you’re looking to save money, trying out different stores and products is a smart move. This allows you to find amazing deals or heavy discounts for the same makeup items you’ve been using. Flaunting where you purchase your beauty products doesn’t really matter. You can try shopping for toiletries and makeup at online stores, flea markets, craft fairs, or even festivals.

6. Use coupons and gift cards

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While it’s not easy to get great discount codes nowadays, you can always search for free shipping offers. Most online coupons can be combines with gift cards from shops and brands. If your loved ones or friends ask something you might want for your birthday, say straight out what you brand or products you like. Most free birthday gift cards are available with no purchase required, which means you can redeem them without shelling out extra cash. You can also take advantage of salespeople handling out discount coupons.

You surely don’t have to spend a fortune on your beauty or skincare routine. By following these tips, you can still get quality products that work well for your skin type and overall health. Just remember to combine your nourishing skincare and beauty routine with healthy habits to get optimum results.


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