Tiny Homes: Managing a Small Residential Space

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12 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Small Space Seem Spacious and Perpetually Organized

When it comes to small houses, it only takes a little creativity and resourcefulness to make it work. Just because your home is small doesn’t mean it can’t be organized and spacious, right? We have listed a few tips that you may find helpful in managing your small home and keeping it organized and clean year-round.

1. Get smaller furniture and accessories

For smaller spaces, you need to make some adjustments with your choices of accessories and furniture. While you may get a handful of bigger items, if you want to create more space, you need to get smaller pieces of furniture instead, like swapping out a couch for a settee.

2. Zone your home

Inevitably, spaces in a smaller apartment will mean that some areas will have several uses. Even if your spaces are multipurpose, you can still organize your living space by zoning each area according to the activities that take place in them. You can place dividers to distinguish one area from another or perhaps have each area color-coded to set them apart visually.

3. Sconces and not lamps

Table lamps need tables and in smaller spaces, sometimes getting an additional table would mean that more space will be taken up. Instead of lamps, get wall-mounted lamps or sconces to save up on space. Plus, it adds aesthetic appeal to an empty wall.

4. Convert the space under stairs as storage

One of the main concerns about smaller homes is the lack of storage space. If you have stairs, you can convert the space underneath as additional storage for your outdoor wear, shoes, or any other thing that needs to be put away.

5. Hang your curtains higher

Hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling (about 2 inches below your crown molding) can help create the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it really is. It would also help to use light-fabric sheer drapes.

6. Pick up multipurpose furniture

In cramped spaces, you don’t have the luxury of bringing in as much furniture as you want. You have to be smarter in choosing your pieces. Get multifunctional furniture to save up on space.

7. Mount your TV on the wall

We know how important it is to unwind at the end of a very long day. But how can you relax when you’re living room is cramped with a bulky home entertainment shelf? Mount your TV on the wall and get some wall-mounted shelves for your audio-visual equipment instead and create a more spacious and relaxing living area.

8. Go for a neutral tone

When it comes to small spaces, neutral tones help make it look bigger. You can add a touch of color on an accent wall or by using colorful decorative pieces but generally, neutral colors create the illusion that your home is bigger than it really is.

9. Add mirrors

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The oldest trick in the book. Mirrors make a cramped area seem more spacious than it really is. Plus it helps brighten up a room even more by reflecting light from different sources.

10. Consider built-in seating instead of additional chairs

Installing built-in seating for your dining area or living room doesn’t just solve your seating problems, but it also gives you additional storage spaces underneath.

11. Get a wall desk

A foldable wall-mounted desk can be easily put away to make extra space when you have guests over or when you’re moving stuff around.

12. Think vertical

One of the key elements in organizing a small space is to fully utilize all surfaces available, especially the walls. You can mount shelves, hangers, and cabinets to compensate for the lack of horizontal space.

Do you have any other tips that you can share with us? Drop them in the comments section so we can hear from you, too.


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