Two Steps to Maintaining a Safe Space for Small Kids and Pets

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Little children are little bundles of joy. At home, they like to play wherever and with anything that they can get their hands on. This, however, is also among the most common causes of home accidents involving kids. They could accidentally chew or choke on small toys. They could also drop or toss items that could cause injuries.

Pets, such as dogs and cats, are also little bundles of joy in the household. But the same as children, these furballs could bite anything that they can manage to get their paws and mouths on. They could also scratch and destroy certain items in your house.

Needless to say, taking care of small children and pets can be a handful. You need to constantly watch over them to make sure they are safe. So, how can you maintain a safe space for your little ones at home?

Keep their areas clean and organized

Small children will crawl or walk on all fours to get to where they want to go. The same goes for pets. The problem here is that they could accidentally pick up something they should not on the ground. They could then put it in their mouths and choke on it.

Small items such as batteries, coins, and jewelry are already proven to be choking hazards. Keeping their areas clean from such items will minimize or remove the chance of them having such an accident.

Aside from choking, kids and animals are also vulnerable to contracting diseases from dirty and messy spaces. Pet waste can be a means for the transmission of diseases. Some chemicals used for cleaning can also be poisonous to both humans and animals. However, one thing you should make sure to keep an eye on is rat or insect infestation.

An infestation can be deadly, given the unfortunate circumstances. Compared to the other examples listed above, you will need a professional to fix this problem. Luckily, such tasks can be easily handled by professional exterminators in Attleboro, MA, or wherever you are, and no matter what the problem is.

dog eating from a food bowl

Keep their areas stress-free and comfortable

Instead of just dropping your children in the middle of the living room, why don’t you designate specific spaces for their play area or sleeping area?

Make sure that the flooring is comfortable and foam-lined for children to prevent any injuries in accidental bumps and falls. You should also line the area with a number of toys that are safe to play with for their age.

For pets, it is best to stock the area with accessible food and water. If possible, it would also be nice if your pets have their own small mat or bed to lie on for when they need to sleep.

Your home is your very own safe space. And your little family members and furry friends also need a little space of their own. A little cleaning, organizing, and comfort can go a long way for your loved ones. So, make sure that you do your part by giving them what they need.


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