Expert Photography Tricks for Product Photography Amateurs

Photographer holding his camera

As any retailer knows, it’s important to know how you can attract customers with the simple use of great imagery and skillful photography. Product photography can help you achieve amazing shots, whether it’s shooting cute puppies in a field of daisies or promoting western cowboy boots for a rustic wedding theme. But it is not merely a simple case of buying a good camera and doing the work yourself. Some people think that a great camera will do all that work, but the truth is even a simple camera can create good product photographs. Here are some ways where you can combine good photography with the following techniques to create amazing results.

Don’t use the flash

Using flash may cause you to get glare on your photos, resulting in a lower quality of an image. It’s advisable to wait until it’s daytime or turn out all the lights in the room. You may also want to use diffused light to give a more dramatic look.

Keep it clean

Ensure that the location is free of any distraction of clutter that doesn’t add any value to the concept. Doing so will help the customer’s eye to focus directly on the product and not the clutter surrounding it.

If you can, use a simple color backdrop or a background that uses two neutral colors (black, gray, white, brown) and one bright secondary or primary color as a way to focus the viewer’s attention.

Use good lighting

Photographers in a studio with lightsEnsure that you’re using even lighting when doing your product photography. One great way to get the best light is by doing it outside to get more natural light. The best times are often at sunrise (for a dramatic effect) or twilight, for a moody atmosphere. If you’re doing it indoors, using two separate lights at each end can help you illuminate the product or the subject of your photo.

You could also use whiteboards and white umbrellas to bounce light on the subject’s surface or facial features. Some advertisers also use black and white photography to achieve a more dramatic effect from the light.

Take a picture at a slight angle

Taking a photo of the item at a slight angle will give the image a different point of view and present it in a way that the viewer is not used to seeing it. You could also use a worm’s eye view or a bird’s eye view to provide a different take on your subject. A fish-eye view could also work, especially if you choose to shoot your subject underwater.

If you want to take photos of your subject in a landscape, such as the desert or the Great Plains of the West, you could use wide angle lenses to give your photos a broader view of a landscape to give them a sense of the area.

These are just some tips on how you can make your publicity photos work for you and your business. Make any subject look their best and appeal to your target audience with thee simple photographic strategies. These can make any subject look interesting, appealing, and worth the money.


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