All Smiles: Proper Oral Health for the Post-pandemic Era

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Not all smiles are created equal. That shouldn’t stop you from wanting to have a smile that can light up any room. Achieving beautiful and healthy teeth takes a lifetime of maintenance. Proper oral health is still essential, even during a global pandemic.

Tooth-whitening products, like kits with LED light for teeth, have increased in popularity over the years. These take-home procedures have been proven to be effective and safe overall. Getting those pearly whites overnight is essential, but taking care of them is another challenge altogether.

Beaming Smile

If you’ve never been one to have nice teeth, don’t let it get to you. It’s a difficult process, but it’s definitely worthwhile. There are plenty of simple ways to help you achieve that million-dollar smile. Expensive orthodontic operations aren’t necessary unless extreme cases call for it.

Regardless, taking care of your teeth required a lot of diligence and discipline. You always have to be mindful of your daily habits. From the oral care products you use to the food you eat, everything can affect your teeth. Observing these best practices daily will help keep your teeth healthy.

Consistency and Technique are Key

Brushing your teeth is the most basic rule of proper oral health. Unfortunately, some people still choose to neglect this simple act. Whether out of carelessness or simply forgetfulness, do not skip out on brushing. The way you brush your teeth also plays a crucial factor.

It should be common practice to brush your teeth at least twice a day, morning and night. Brushing at night before going to bed is what most people forget to do. However, this is more important because it gets rid of plaque and germs that accumulated throughout the day.

You should use your toothbrush properly as well whenever you brush your teeth. Most people brush their teeth haphazardly, thinking it helps. Poor brushing technique is just as bad as not brushing. Remember to brush in circular motions remove unwanted substances gently.

Don’t Forget the Tongue

Whenever people brush their teeth, they always neglect to clean the tongue as well. Plaque can also buildup on your tongue just as much as your teeth. This could lead to oral health problems down the line if left unchecked.

The next time you brush your teeth, gently brush your tongue as well. From better mouth odor to improved tasting, you will certainly notice many benefits just from adding this simple act to your oral care routine.

Keep it Flossy

Flossing is another key practice that most people overlook. Besides helping you remove pieces of food stuck in between teeth, flossing serves to stimulate the gums and reduce inflammation. Doing this at least once a day would be enough for your oral health.

A big reason why people skip out on flossing is that it’s sometimes too difficult to do. Don’t let this little hurdle stop you from getting better teeth. There is plenty of ready-to-use dental floss tools widely available; even kids and older adults wouldn’t have a problem.

Watch the Diet

The food that you’re consuming can also have significant effects on your teeth. Always try to incorporate fresh, crunchy produce in your meals whenever you can. They contain a lot of healthy fibers and helps to put your teeth and jaw to work.

The general rule of thumb for food that’s harmful to your teeth lies in the sugar and acid content. Sugars and acids found in food usually cause tooth enamel to deteriorate. This is what leads to cavities and other dental problems. You don’t necessarily have to cut these out, but try to limit them from your diet.

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Tooth Be Told

Despite the current circumstances of the global pandemic, proper oral care is still crucial for countless Americans. More than a quarter of adults are observed to have tooth decay that remains untreated. Approximately half of adults above 30 are showing signs of gum disease.

Plenty of chronic illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease, can be linked to poor oral health. While these problems pose serious health risks, less urgent conditions could also lead to negative effects in the long-term.

Visiting a dentist is a sure-fire way of mitigating these problems. Unfortunately, many dental clinics are opting to postpone treatments that don’t require immediate attention. This is all in the hopes of reducing the spread of the virus.

This is why having your own oral care routine at home has become vital. You should definitely aim to have that nice, bright smile that will be hard to ignore. More than that, keeping your teeth healthy will also be your first line of defense against various illnesses and dental conditions. It’ll be a win-win scenario for you either way.


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