Workplace Fashion You Can Also Take to a Date Night

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There’s an unbearable struggle with having to go back home after clocking out of work to change clothes for a date night. Sure, you can just bring a duffel bag to work, but the office bathroom isn’t that comfortable to change in. Sometimes, when you go home for a change, you lose track of time because you decide to take a “nap.” That’s a bummer. With a few practical tips, you don’t have to go through this whole process ever again.

Being smart with the way you dress is a must for every person. For women, you can dress up in a black puff-sleeve pullover that will work both in the boardroom and at a fancy restaurant later. For men, lucky you, your jeans and blazer are almost always enough.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is something every woman should have in her closet. Pull it out for a date night because it won’t also be too much during the day. You can put on a formal blazer over it during the day so that it won’t be too sexy for the office. At night, take off the blazer and go with a tiny scarf tied in a ribbon around your neck. Now, you’re chic and ready to party.

Wrap Skirt

There’s something about the wrap skirt that fashion stylists love. It’s the perfect go-to outfit if you need to go on a date after office hours. In the office, pair it up with a slim turtleneck. When it’s time for your date, put on a moto jacket or change to a sleeveless tank top.

High-heeled Shoes

Depending on your work environment, you can put on pumps in the office and replace them with a pair of high-heeled shoes for the date night. The best thing about high heels is that you can pair them up with cutoff jeans, a dress, or a skirt. They will go perfectly with anything. You just need to find the pair that won’t kill your feet after wearing them all day long.


Amp up your hairdo if you want to be truly made up for your first date. While you tie your hair in a ponytail while in the office, put it up in a bun for your date night. You can also put on a little extra effort by curling your hair before going to work. Make sure to use some holding spray for your curls so that they will last until the evening.


woman walking down the sidewalk

Do you wear makeup to work? If yes, it surely isn’t the type that you will don for a date night. Why not take your smoky-eye palette with you? After finishing up with your tasks, you can put on a heavier makeup that’s perfect for a fancy dinner. Create that smoky and winged eyes with the use of your eyeshadow palette and eyeliner. You should put on a darker red lipstick, too, for a more sophisticated look.

Finally, pair everything up with the right accessories. Big-hooped earrings and chunky statement necklaces are all the rave today. These can turn a simple office outfit into an absolute head-turner.


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