Outdoor Landscape Ideas: What to Add to Your Office to Reduce Stress and Boost Performance

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Office buildings are often slabs of boring concrete and glass, which shouldn’t be the case. Give your employees a space to relax and de-stress during their break by revamping your office. Here are some ideas you can recommend to a commercial landscaping service in Perth:

A Welcoming Entrance

You can inspire your employees even before they walked into the office by giving the front entrance a makeover. Simply adding colorful flowers and shrubs to the pathway will instantly lift their spirits.

Large planters are always on trend because they can easily be removed and replaced based on the seasons. For example, you can ask for exotic tropical plants during the summer. When the colder months roll, you can go for plants that bloom and thrive even when the temperature drops.

Another popular option right now is native plants because they are sturdier and are easy to care for. They are low maintenance; they need less water compared to the non-native variant. Keeping them alive requires little of your time and energy so you can focus on managing your staff or growing your business.

The front entrance will also be the first thing your client sees when they meet with your staff. It makes sense to upgrade your front entrance to make a good and lasting first impression. A welcoming front entrance will encourage your clients to keep coming back.

Outdoor Seating

employees meeting outsideAdd outdoor seating to your office park where employees can hang out during their breaks or use as a venue for meetings. There have been studies that found evidence that exposure to natural daylight boosts the health of office workers. Those who get to bask in the sunshine are better rested compared to those who were cooped up inside the office and under the fluorescent light. This can affect their performance at work or, worse, lead to accidents.

Moreover, the lack of natural daylight can make employees feel tired and gloomy. If your office does not have a lot of large windows to let the sunshine in, allowing your employees to spend a few minutes of their day to be outside will definitely make for a happier and healthier staff.


The sound of water flowing makes people feel more relaxed. In fact, people who reside near the ocean claim that they feel less stressed and are in overall better health than the rest of the population. While scientists do not know why that is, lived experiences prove that being near a body of water can do wonders to our health.

While you cannot bring your entire staff to the beach every month, you can still make your office feel more Zen by installing water features. A small waterfall by the entrance or a koi pond in the park not only makes your office prettier but also help de-stress employees.

The meditative state caused by being near a body of water has also been proven to boost creativity which will directly improve their problem-solving abilities.

The appearance and other features of an office affect the performance and well-being of employees. An ugly office can make employees feel miserable and dread going to work. That will have an impact on their output which, of course, will have an impact on your business’ revenues. These ideas are worthy investments because they make your office a pleasant place to work in.


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