Why You Should Still Look Good Even Though You’re Just Staying Home for Now

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What does staying at home means for you at this time? Does it mean letting your hair grow without trimming the ends? Does it mean not getting a foot scrub and feeling callouses under your feet? Has no one told you that taking care of yourself is your primary defense against this coronavirus? And we say take care of yourself, we don’t mean just mentally or emotionally. You need to take care of how you look, too, because that can affect your psyche.

So get that laser hair removal treatment once it is allowed. There’s no reason for you not to. Just make sure to practice physical distancing, wear a mask, and follow safety protocols. You can still enjoy some of the comforts of your previous life. You can get that haircut or hair color. If your favorite nail spa is offering home service, take them up on their offer.

Remember that the economy has to move, too. Your support for these businesses is essential to keeping them afloat during these times. So, while you’re trying to minimize reasons for going out, doing it for your regular routine might be a good idea, too. Or, you can ask for your nail technician and hairstylist to bring their services to your home.

Feel Good About Yourself

When was the last time you indulged yourself in a long bath? Because there’s no party to go to or no business meeting to attend, people sometimes feel like they don’t need to make an effort at all. But looking good isn’t only for the people you work with or even the strangers you can meet in a bar. It’s about feeling good about yourself. So, get up in the morning and indulge yourself in your tub or lather your body with your favorite bubble wash. It’ll make such a difference in your mood.

Mood Booster

When you feel good about yourself, it’ll lift your mood. Do you remember how you feel every time you put on brand-new pants or dress? Doesn’t it make you feel like you can conquer the world? That’s why power dressing is a thing in the corporate world. Career men and women power dress because it makes them more confident. They can better face their adversaries on the corporate table. They are empowered by the way they dress.

Now, is this a superficial way of looking at things? Experts said that power dressing is an important aspect of climbing up the corporate ladder. It helps you make a good first impression. Power dressing isn’t about the cost of your clothes, but about the clothes evoking a sense of authority, confidence, and competence.

Of course, you do not need to power dress at home (or you can if you like). Wear the equivalent of a power dress at home. Wear something comfortable. As long as you feel comfortable and confident with yourself, you can conquer all these tiny house problems that get in the way of you enjoying this quarantine.

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Better Parent

Can you imagine trying to sort out your kids while you’re in your pajamas? You’ll feel a lot better when you’ve already taken a shower and dressed up for the day. It will make you feel like you can conquer the world. Yes, even your rowdy kids. So, put on some light makeup if you want, pluck your eyebrows, and tie your hair in a ponytail. Get to work at home. Staying at home doesn’t mean you should look like you’ve been a homeless person all your life.

Living in your pajamas is a bit depressing. It’s bad enough that people are so insecure about their jobs and their health. You don’t need to look the part. And yes, when you feel good about how you look, you’ll be a better parent to your kids. You might even last an hour or two teaching them their homeschool lessons.

Best Partner

You have to look good for your partner, too. You’re basically at home together 24/7. As much as you two love each other regardless of how you look, isn’t it better to want to look good for the other? It’ll make you feel more appreciated. If your partner still makes an effort to look good for you, that will put spice and excitement in your relationship.

This pandemic shouldn’t ruin your style. Do what makes you feel good. If there are days that you want to be in your pajamas, then do that. You’re not forced or obligated to make anyone else feel good about the way you look. However, you should have days of indulging yourself, too. That will help you get through this difficult time of your life.


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