Pulling off a Warm and Intimate Wedding

Weddings are meaningful events. But over time, some couples seem to focus more on the illusion of grandeur. Instead of a simple celebration, the aim may shift to impressing hundreds of guests. An intimate wedding can help a couple go back to what a wedding should be. Here are ways to pull off a quieter yet more special ceremony.

List the Essentials

An intimate wedding means getting down only to what is most important. A bride would love to choose from beautiful bridal dresses for her intimate Utah wedding. A groom can also have his share of options for his attire.
Small intimate wedding venues can range from the comforts of one’s home or backyard to a quiet yet picturesque destination. Good food and entertainment will make the celebration memorable. Lastly, you can consider a wedding as intimate through the presence of a few loved-ones.
Getting into these essential details is a great start in planning your ceremony. An intimate wedding gives you the freedom not to overthink about fancy details. You can do away with photo booths, elaborate giveaways, or expensive decorations.

Operate on a More Practical Budget

One of the advantages of an intimate wedding is to have a practical budget. When you know what you only need, you can divide your expenses well. If you have a creative flair, you can even go the path of DIY weddings. Involving your guests through the preparation will make your wedding more special. This is if they are willing to help. Do not make them feel obligated to do so. A practical budget does not mean that you are not allowed to splurge. Removing unnecessary expenses will help you allot your money to more important aspects. If you feel that the food is the one element that your guests will remember most, then you can spend more on it.

Veer off from the Traditional

An intimate wedding allows you to break free from some restrictions or traditions. You may opt for longer celebrations. You are not time-bound, especially if your ceremony is in your home. Having fewer guests can help you customize your entertainment. You can have backyard games if your guests are more of the active ones. They might enjoy such activities rather than passively listening to bands. Having the closest and the dearest people also makes your ceremony more meaningful. You can personalize your vows for each other. You can be certain that each of your guests will appreciate what is being said. This is because these are people who have seen your relationship grow. Lastly, you can be creative with your food choices. You can go for more casual menus rather than the formal ones. Do your guests enjoy pizzas, tacos, and ice cream rather than set plates? Being different in this aspect will make your wedding stand out.

Enjoy the Company of Each Guest

Wedding bride and event planner Big weddings give limited time to interact with their guests. More often, they only exchange perfunctory greetings or gestures. Intimate weddings give you the benefit of having longer conversations. You can have more personal pictures rather than hasty ones. Also, your guests will have time to know each other. You can opt to have them seated together at a long table instead of breaking them into smaller groups. Intimate weddings can bring the warmth back in wedding celebrations. It also eliminates the stress of going over the budget and having the burden of too many details. What is left is a personal and memorable event.

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