Fashion 101: Learning About the Different Style Trends Today

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Every young adult has a dilemma of holding their place in the fashion scene. With so many apparels to choose from and fashion brands available in the market, it can be frustrating to find the one that best suits your style. What many fail to focus on is the fact that fashion depends on one’s personality. The looks we want to achieve depends on understanding what our priorities are.

But, let’s admit it; sometimes, we find it challenging to identify what we want in the first place. Especially for younger generations, they often try to recreate what they see on the internet. Since no two persons are the same, there will be instances where one fails to deliver what they are trying to copy. This situation will eventually result in self-consciousness because society dictates that we should always be at our best.

Knowing Your Style

The first and most crucial step when it comes to fashion and styling is curating your closet. Fixing your wardrobe plays a significant role in identifying the pieces that will flatter your figure. Making an effort to mix and match different attires can help you find which clothes work well with the others.

In doing so, you can get a deeper understanding of the basics and essentials of fashion. Once you get these under your fingertips, you’re ready to take the next step.

Clothing Styles

After learning the do’s and don’ts of styling, you now have the confidence to find yourself and experiment across different outfit types. Below are some fashion categories that you can try out.

  • Vintage

Vintage fashion is more like a self-explanatory style of clothing. It refers to old pieces of apparel that are still wearable today. Many vintage-style clothes date back into the early 90s and late 80s.

But maintaining a vintage style is expensive. When talking about these fashion pieces, many will be quick to tell you how valuable each item is. Indeed, there is a significant price tag for every item. It all depends on the brand, material, and age. To achieve a vintage look, experts suggest looking at fast fashion outlets or thrift stores.

  • Sporty

On the other end of the spectrum is sporty clothing. By the name itself, it means athleisure apparel. Those who are into this style prefer wearing a track jacket with jogging pants. But, it can also mean jersey tops and bottoms. Either way, the basic goal when wearing these clothes is to achieve maximum comfort yet functional.

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  • Casual

It is the type of clothing that we always come across. Many view casual style as the most common type of clothes and found by others as boring. But according to experts, whenever you’re in doubt about your outfit, nothing could go wrong in casual style. Pairing a nice shirt or polo in shorts or jeans will do the job.

  • Grunge

This type of clothing is based on rock music and lets the emotions pour through their clothing. It has an emphasis on big clothes with layering silhouettes. There is the presence of a baggy type of clothing, torn pieces, and messy garments.

  • Trendy

Trendy clothes are constantly changing. It is a type of clothing that is not easy to maintain because of the cost. Whatever clothes are on hype, stylish personalities always go into the trend, dive in, and spend a good chunk of money. People need to understand that being with the trend is not always a good thing because when the popularity goes down, the accumulated clothes will now go to waste.

  • Artsy

This attire is the type in which the design is based on the arts. It also depends on the wearer of the clothes if what design is suitable for him. There is also the presence of emotions and personality in what people wear. Sometimes, designs are so abstract that only the wearer can understand the meaning. But one thing that is advantageous to this type is it gives you the confidence to wear what you like.

  • Country

Country-style clothes are clothes with a purpose. It consists of pieces that are ready to withstand mud and dirt. The country style is always partnered with big hats. Only a few can pull it off.

  • Formal

The most elegant type of clothes is the formal kind. We can see this clothing in the offices, courts and at big events. Formal attire is a collection of clothes that are often worn when passing through the gates of estates or entering luxury venues. However, many of these clothing are transitioning into a more modern appeal.

Every type of clothing depends on what you want to achieve. All the choices are there for you to try on. Experimenting with each genre will give you the experience you need. All that matters is that you don’t let the clothes dictate who you are. It should help in bringing out the best in you.


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