Creating DIY Fashion Accessories from Recycled Materials

DIY earrings

You’ve probably heard from the recent news that the overall health of our planet is rapidly declining. One of the most significant contributors to this is the mass production of various items that use non-sustainable materials.

Whether you like it or not, some of the latest fashion trends have negatively affected our world. Pollution, animal abuse, and the abrupt reduction of the Earth’s resources are some disadvantages, to name a few. That’s why we must start using recyclable materials for our self-expression. This article will teach you how.

Recycled Material Accessories

If you like hitting two birds with one stone, what if we told you that there’s a way for you to enjoy three benefits at once? How does lessening your waste while saving the environment and showcasing your fashion statement all at the same time sound to you? With all these DIY fashion tips using recycled materials, it is certainly possible.

Circuit Board Necklace

If you or your family has lots of unused electronics, try opening some of them up to look for the circuit board. This is the part of the device that receives and sends out commands. Collect some of these, and you can make a glamorous necklace out of them. Just make sure that these electronics are not working anymore and are ready to be thrown away.

Wood Chip Accessories

If you’re a huge fan of bohemian fashion, you might be interested to know that wood chips can be used to make lots of accessories. If you have a tree in your home that’s been cut down, you may want to consult services for stump grinding. You will not just have plenty of wood chip material, but your yard will also be leveled to make way for home renovation projects.

Enter Key Ring

Old keyboards should never be thrown away. They can be used for plenty of home decoration projects and fashionable accessories. For example, you can get hold of your old silver ring, remove the Enter key from your keyboard, and use super glue to attach it to the ring. You’d have a unique accessory in no time, and you’d definitely get plenty of looks and inquiries from other people.

Bottle Cap Necklace

It’s quite common to see articles and zines that tell you how you can use your glass soda bottles for DIY home décor. However, did you know that the bottle caps can be repurposed too? Save one or two of these, add a few touches, grab an old necklace, and replace the pendant with the bottle cap for a fancy accessory.

DIY necklace

Paper Bead Bracelet

After a few months or years, the old magazines you used to read for various lifestyle tips and tricks will be out of trend. Instead of throwing them out or taking them to the junk shop, you may want to keep in mind that the colorful fashion of the 80s and the 90s is coming back. Peel off a few pages from these magazines, cut them into smaller pieces, roll them up, and use a nylon string to keep them together. You will never see the day that you’ll run out of bracelets to complement your outfit.

Candy Wrapper Bag

Are you looking for something that’s repurposed, fashionable, and functional as well? Don’t immediately discard your candies’ wrappers. Keep them in a storage box, and once you have enough, you can use this to make a sweet candy wrapper bag for errands that require you to leave your home.

Newspaper Earrings

One of the best recyclable materials you should never throw away is your daily newspaper. There are plenty of home decoration ideas using newspapers, and it can also be used for fashion-related purposes. For all of you who love the vintage vibe, cut out a long strip of a newspaper, roll it, varnish the surface, and connect a hook on one side. Just like that, you’d have a vintage-looking newspaper earring.

Soda Tab Bracelets

We also have a DIY fashion idea for all those who love soda but buy cans instead of bottles. Before throwing the aluminum can into the recycling bin, make sure that you remove the tabs first. Once you’ve gathered quite a lot of it, piece them together using a rubber band, and you will have a soda tab bracelet, as easy as that.

They say that the best time to save the Earth was ten years ago, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. The way we mindlessly consume and discard all of our junk harms our planet. Do your part in saving our only home and have fun in the process by trying out some DIY fashion ideas on your own.


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