Why You Should Take Music Lessons

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There are many reasons to learn to play a musical instrument. The main reason most people choose to pick up an instrument is to express a love of music and channel their creativity. Many people even make a living out of playing instruments. Not only is playing music great entertainment if done right, but there are also lots of other benefits to taking a music lesson. Fortunately, there are music classes such as guitar lessons in Lehi for all ages and experience levels. Here are some reasons you should enroll in one immediately:

It will help you cope with stress

Research shows that music exposure helps with reducing stress and anxiety in people’s lives. When you are absorbed in the act of playing, you are living completely in the moment. This is the much-needed mindfulness exercise that most busy adults dealing with stress and depression need in their lives. Playing music can also keep the blues at bay.

Listening to music can help a lot of people who are fighting with depression, which is why it is often used in music therapy. It plays the role of a natural mood lifter because of its unique effects on the brain. Once you learn to express your creativity, you will feel inspired and energetic, not to mention that it is also a form of self-care.

It keeps diseases such as Alzheimer’s at bay

People who actively play music have better memories than people who don’t. Studies among the elderly show that older people who have taken music lessons retain their memory at a much higher rate than people who haven’t. There are a couple of different reasons this might be the case. People who play music have to remember notes and chords, as well as actively recall tunes. This may help boost their memory through practice. This type of exercise keep diseases such as Alzheimer’s at bay. Even in patients with Alzheimer’s and advanced stages of cognitive diseases, memories lying forgotten can be brought back by playing their old playlists. This is because music triggers a unique section of the brain that is tied to memories.

You will stay sharper for longer

hands playing acoustic guitar, close up

As your brain will get more practice, you will stay sharper for longer if you are in the habit of practicing and playing music. You will have to be more attentive as a learner, and your brain will be more active due to the creative process associated with making music. Brain activity increases after people play music. This indicates that the brain is more focused and functional because of playing music. Using your brain regularly for intelligent activities is an exercise in staying sharp. You will have to pay attention to play, which is a practice you can then apply in your day-to-day life.

Most people assume that knowing how to play music is only helpful for early developmental ages. This is simply not true. It is never too late to pick up the old guitar that has been lying around for a long time.


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