Time-Saving Beauty Hacks You Can Consider

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Even if you don’t go full glam and dolled up for your everyday routine, putting on makeup and fixing your hair for the day’s activities can still take time. It is even more so if you have specific sensitivities in your skin care and aesthetic preferences you want to achieve with your makeup. That said, it can be a frazzling thing when it feels like there just isn’t enough time to get ready before having to go off to work. Thankfully, there are ways to make the process shorter for your daily look without having to sacrifice looking and feeling good. Here are some tips that can help you speed through your regimen quicker.

  • Use a multipurpose hair tool for your styling.

Combing your hair out and then styling it with heat can take time, so opt for a hair straightening round brush or flat iron with a hot brush so you can get rid of those tangles and comb out your hair while simultaneously being able to style it as you please. It is a simple process that can get your frizz and fly-away hairs in check if you’re going for a sleek look or soft but straight strands, but it’s also completely doable if you’re going for soft waves or curls. The advantage here is cutting down two separate processes and being able to use a two-in-one styling tool, whether you’re going for smoothness or volume.

  • Turn your lipstick into a blush and eye shadow.

Yes, you can use your lipstick as both an eye shadow and blush. It ensures that you have a consistent palette on your face that is complementary, and you only need to use one product. The popularity of this technique has even prompted makeup brands to start offering lipsticks that were geared to be multipurpose products to give you a full face. This method is also pretty versatile, depending on the shade and consistency of the lipstick that you choose, allowing you to go for fresh no-makeup makeup or a more noticeable beat.

Don’t be dissuaded by the notion that it might be too one-note, as the monochrome look has gone above and beyond since it started becoming “fashion” in 2017.

  • Let your foundation work as a concealer.

Cut down some more time and effort by simply priming your face and then already using your foundation as a concealer. If you’re confident with your skin, you can even opt to skip putting the foundation as a layer and solely use it as a less heavy concealer. On the flip side, if you still want to have a foundation base, you can just apply a heavier coat on problem areas you want to cover up and blend it out as needed. If you’re worried about blending it out too much or not having enough coverage, make sure that you only dab in the areas where you want to make it serve as a concealer so that you don’t wholly rub it away.

From the start of the ‘00s to the late ‘10s, people have increasingly felt like they just don’t have enough time to do what they want to do (at least almost half of all American adults). Don’t let your beauty routine get in the way and, instead, let it be the easy breezy starter it should be to kick off your day.


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