Knowing What Is Wrong With Your Endocrine System

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Your endocrine system performs an important task in your body. It deals with the release of hormones in the body. These hormones signal your body to function in certain ways.

You must know when something is wrong with your endocrine system, so you can ensure that your body is performing at its best. Here is a list of common disorders that your endocrine system might face:

Diabetes Mellitus

The biggest and most common form of endocrine disorder is diabetes mellitus. This is when your pancreas stops producing the necessary insulin for your body. Insulin is necessary to move the glucose in your blood to the various cells of your body, which fuels their operation. Your pancreas might end up getting damaged in some way and stop producing insulin at all, or not producing enough to move the large amounts of glucose in your body.

The result is that your body gets tired as it starts running out of fuel. You can better deal with diabetes through a healthier lifestyle and prescription medicines.

Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism

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Your thyroid gland is found right behind your Adam’s apple and it produces several hormones that affect how your body handles energy. The two main disorders that happen with it are hyperthyroidism when it produces too many hormones, and hypothyroidism when it produces too little. With too much thyroid hormones, your body will experience quick weight loss.

Too little of these hormones and you will quickly gain weight and feel tired all the time. It should be easy enough to find hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism treatment in Las Vegas and other major cities. The treatment usually involves taking pills that either inhibit or boost thyroid hormone production. At worst, you may end up having your thyroid gland removed.

Addison’s Disease

Your adrenal glands produce several important hormones that govern various functions of your body ranging from your immune system to your blood pressure. Addison’s disease is what happens when it stops producing enough of the different hormones that it creates. This is usually because of some form of damage or an auto-immune reaction as your body starts attacking it.

The problem is that the symptoms are so subtle that, until something major happens, it often goes undetected. This includes low energy levels, decreased appetite, and more. The only solution for Addison’s disease is early treatment and hormone replacement therapy.

Cushing’s Disease

Your pituitary gland releases hormones that govern how your body grows. But it also manages the release of stress hormones. Cushing’s disease is when your pituitary gland fails to regulate your body’s stress hormones leading to an overactive adrenal gland. This is usually because of a tumor in the gland itself. The result is obesity and weaker bones and muscles. The main treatment for it is the removal of the tumor to restore the gland’s normal function.

Problems with your endocrine system can change your lifestyle. But it does not mean your life is over. You only need to know how to deal with it. The disorders listed above are only the most common out there. If you suffer from any of the symptoms, then you need to sit down with your doctor to clear things up and learn how to change your life for the better.


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