The Complete Wellness of Being

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Your health is your wealth. It may sound cliché to say that health is one person’s prized possession. However, we need to acknowledge that this is completely true. We can even dare say that our survival hinges on the health of our mind and body.

To improve our mental health, many people have a preconceived notion that we need to ride our bodies to the ground to gain wealth. Wealth can be a path to satisfaction and overall better mental health. However, in our search for such gains, the body suffers. Most of the time, people take their physical health for granted. We fail to realize that we need to take care of our overall well-being to function more efficiently. We are so accustomed to just continue working without taking breaks. Moreover, we often shrug activities and efforts to protect our mental health.

Complete wellness of both the body and the mind is important to maintain happiness in your life. Balance is important in people’s lives. We cannot do the activities we want to do if we keep neglecting the vessel we use to traverse in this life.

So how do we keep ourselves completely well? Here are some aspects we need to remember.

Boosting Immune System

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Boosting our body’s defenses is step one in making sure our mind and our body are well. Having a strong immune system is important to ward off common illnesses. It is common for us to experience stress and hardships throughout our journeys in life. Sometimes, we may even lose sleep over our issues. Both stress and lack of sleep are known factors in lowering our immune system. Having an immune system that is well and in tip-top shape guarantees that we get to experience life to the fullest. Complete wellness of being entails that we are not easily hindered by the most common problems that usually weigh down the unhealthy. Immunity is important.


If there is one thing people in hospices emphasize other people should do in their lives, it is that people should learn to forgive. One of the most common words that the dying utter is forgiveness. Forgiving oneself and forgiving others is the key to achieving the truest peace of mind. Forgiveness is part of healing your mind and your body. Understanding that forgiveness helps ease your burdens and other negative feelings you may be harboring is the true meaning of peace. Forgetting does not equate to forgiveness. However, forgiveness allows you to move on with your life. In the face of adversity, choosing to forgive is one of the most courageous and wisest things to do. It will not be easy, but you will experience the true serenity and wellness of being. It is not just the mind that is nurtured but also the soul.

Stress Reduction

Stressors are almost always external rather than internal. There are millions of reasons why people experience stress. Sometimes, mental health issues are the cause of a person’s difficulties.  Reducing your contact with your known stressors is essential in cultivating a peaceful life. While we cannot avoid some stressors that we do not have control over, we make do with what we can. Controlling and setting boundaries from the stimuli that we can control can help us focus on the more important things in our lives. Thankfully, there are now a number of stress management seminars, activities, and courses that can help people achieve peace.

Right Company

Joining the circles of highly positive persons can help alleviate negativity. The support we get from our peers is the most fulfilling things we can receive. Remember that you have all the power in the world to find the right company that will suit your preference. Positivity does not have to come in constant bursts. Negativity will inevitably enter our lives in one way or another, regardless of the circle we’re in.  Nevertheless, having the right company that can support your ideas is vital in your quest for complete wellness of being.

Keeping ourselves mentally and physically healthy is an extremely difficult task. Not everyone is cut out to reach their goals. Wellness, although it may sound simple, is almost impossible to achieve. All we can really do is focus on what we need, what we can do, and what we have. Merely ensuring the wellness of the body alone is not enough. We need to remember that to achieve better health, the wellness of the body goes hand in hand with the wellness of the mind.


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