Wedding Planning 101: Don’t Get Trapped in Social Media

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One would think that it’s easier to plan a wedding now in this age of social media. What with millions of really good inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest, it’s just a matter of getting the right vendors to make these ideas come to life. The truth is, social media can be a trap. It can put you in a decision dilemma loop that it’s hard to choose which among millions of inspirations to home in. At the same time, you can’t help but have high expectations for your wedding, sometimes a little too high, that it hurts when they’re not met and hurts the wallet when they are met. As much as you love scrolling through feeds and pinning into your boards, do it with caution.

Priority is Key

At the get-go, you need to lay down the things that are most important to you at the wedding. You can’t splurge on every aspect of the ceremony, unless you want to start your marriage penniless, that’s why you should know exactly which to focus on. Moreover, your priorities will help avoid comparing your wedding to others you see on social media. When, for instance, you see an Instagram pic of a lovely 10-tier cake, filled with laces and vintage roses, it’s easy to scroll it away and not burn with envy, precisely because you decided that the cake isn’t a priority.

Sit down with your partner and rank the wedding aspects according to what’s most important to you. Identify at least three to five. For most couples, good food, amazing photography and videography, and nice entertainment are the triad of essentials. If that sounds good to you, communicate it to your wedding planner. Then from here, set your budget. Allocate more for your priorities. With this, it will be easier to scout for caterers, wedding bands, and professional photographers. Detroit-based event planners then highly recommend knowing your priorities and agreeing to stick to them at the beginning of wedding preps.

A Wedding for Who

Social media applicationsBeyond knowing what’s important among the details of your wedding, you should always go back to the “priority of priorities.” The most crucial thing in this big event in your life. That is, your relationship. It’s easy to get caught up with copying this Pinterest look or sticking to your Instagram #weddinginspo, that when you gather all these internet ideas, you realize that it’s all just a bunch of nice aesthetics, pretty in pictures later, but devoid of your unique couple personality. To avoid all that regret and drama, make it a habit to think about whose wedding you’re planning for.

A good concrete action plan here is to ask yourselves what it is about a certain inspiration from the internet that you liked exactly. Is it the color scheme? Is it the intricacy of details? That way, your wedding planner and vendors can take that element in creating something unique for you. You may very well save a lot of bucks in this approach.

It’s true that social media helps a lot in ideation for wedding planning. But it can also give you real anxiety, being overwhelmed with too many choices and having such high expectations. So, go easy on Instagram and Pinterest scrolling. Don’t get trapped in social media.


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