Semi-Precious Stones Commonly Used in Jewelry

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Whether you are a male or a female, you occasionally throw in a piece of jewelry or two to complement your outfit. Of course, diamonds and gold may not be the best ones for someone who’s constrained with their budget, and that’s where gemstones come in. Gemstones have been considered as an eye-candy for people that like color and sparkle. Moreover, these semi-precious stones have been considered essential in various cultures for the purpose it brings.

1. Alexandrite

Known to be the color-changing gem, Alexandrite brings the power of magic in play (the magic of science, of course). When placed under the warm daylight, it exudes a bluish to mossy green effect. On the other hand, Alexandrite when under a lamp, gives a red to a raspberry color. It is important to note that the more distinct the color difference is, the higher the value of the gem. This unique color-changing gem was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830s.

2. Amethyst

Both the Ancient Greeks and Romans believe that the wearer of this gem will be quick-witted and clear-headed. Moreover, they believe in the power of the gem to protect them from Bacchus. For centuries and many diverse cultures in the world, Amethyst is involved in religions and myths. It’s violet hue and tone makes it so stunning and provides the wearer, elegance. It comes in various shapes and sizes that make it budget friendly. You can look for gemstones in Salt Lake City and pick your Amethyst.

3. Aquamarine

As the name suggests, aquamarine refers to the pastel blue and fresh color of the ocean or the sea. Because the color blue is the same hue as the sky and water, this gem has been a symbol of hope, fidelity, and youth. Moreover, it is said to symbolize eternal life. This semi-precious stone is available in wide ranges of blue. But, the more intense the blue hue is, the higher the value of the stone.

4. Citrine

Are you looking for a bold orangey-brown statement to complement a fashion piece? If that’s the case, Citrine is best for you! This gem was used in Ancient times as protection against evil thoughts and snakes. Now, it symbolizes an entrepreneur’s prosperity and success.

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5. Jade

From jade rollers to Gua Sha tools, if you’re a fan of non-orthodox healing and wellness, chances are, you’ve used the mentioned tools for your skincare. Jade is a gem that is treasured in China. It is associated with royalty as only the emperors, and their family could wear such stone.

6. Moonstone

This stunning and one-of-a-kind, a semi-precious stone, was believed to have formed from the frozen moonlight. At least, that’s what the Ancient Romans think. From a colorless tone to a range of brown, yellow, grey, pink or green, it can either appear transparent or translucent. However, if you’re looking for the best moonstone, it should have a blue sheen around it.

7. Ruby

Fuming with love, courage, and passion, this elegant red gemstone has been considered as the king of all semi-precious stones. As generations passed, people believe that whoever wears a ruby shall attain good fortune and success.

Whatever semi-precious stone you wear, know that it’s up to you to work hard and achieve your life’s success although a splash of gem and color wouldn’t hurt while you work hard to turn your dreams into reality.


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