The Beginner’s Guide to Group Workouts: Which Class Should I Join?

Group of young people doing running workout

Starting your fitness journey can be frustrating when you go at it alone. First-timers will relate to this well since the people helping and motivating them are themselves.

If you don’t have a fitness buddy, then maybe joining fitness classes is the best alternative. Bond with like-minded people who share the same goals and thus can help and encourage you promptly. There are plenty of fitness classes on the Gold Coast, and they depend on your mobility and fitness level. If the options seem overwhelming, here are a few good places to start:

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a body conditioning exercise that requires performing six up to a dozen exercises in set repetitions with short rests in between. This is usually confused with high-intensity interval training. HIIT, however, involves more intense cardiovascular exercise performed in brief, intense bursts. These workouts target various muscle groups and improve athletic performance as well as cardio-respiratory endurance.

As these are incredibly taxing exercises, you can always use a group that can help you pace your workout or spot you during tough activities.

Dance Classes

Today, specialty studios offer classes in high-intensity dances like Zumba or hip-hop. However, there are also slower but challenging sessions like rhythmic aerobics and barre, which is a derivative of ballet exercises.

If you’re up for it, some studios let you sign up for pole dancing and aerial dance classes. Aside from good cardio, these dances work out your entire body by focusing on balance, control, and agility. These classes are usually taken as a group and can also result in professional group recitals and performances.

Indoor Rowing and Cycling

If you’re accustomed to stationary exercises or steady-state cardio, then indoor rowing and cycling are perfect for you. The only difference between the two is the machine that they use. Rowing classes use row machines, while cycling classes use stationary bikes. Overall, they’re both excellent workouts as they are low-impact, high-intensity exercises that keep your heart rate high as they target whole muscle groups.

You will almost always see these workouts performed as a group, usually with the accompanying dance music being blasted to keep rowers and cyclists pumped.

Obstacle Cours

An obstacle course workout will require the most facilities and the highest level of mobility from your body. You will jump platforms, scale over six-feet walls, climb ropes, swing over gaps, and crawl under low openings. You will have to have a tight core, strong upper body control, leg flexibility, and agility to conquer a course.

It sounds like the most punishing workout ever, but it can also be the most fun. This is exceptionally healthy for groups who either compete side-by-side or run the course in a relay.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga training class, female group workout

If that last one sounded too stressful, then maybe joining a yoga or pilates class is up to your liking. It’s a meditative exercise that involves physical, mental, and spiritual activities. On the other hand, Pilates uses bands and balls to strengthen, tone, and balance your core and muscles.

While both seem calm, these workouts will involve performing awkward stances and poses that stretch you out in hopes of improving posture, balance, flexibility, and blood circulation.

Finding the right fitness class for you is easy; it’s attending your first day that’s going to be grueling. So don’t be afraid to approach a classmate. Ask for help and make friends as you achieve your fitness goals! Who knows, you might even find not just a fitness buddy but a real friend from one of these classes!


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