Getting Hitched: The Best Wedding Themes for Every Bride

Wedding Theme

So you’re planning to get married anytime soon. Now, it’s time to choose the perfect wedding theme. Choosing your wedding theme is an integral part of personalizing your big day.

A defined aesthetic will help you decide what color scheme to follow, how you’ll decorate your ceremony and reception, and what the overall vibe of your day feels like.

Around the world, couples face the COVID-19 pandemic. A gathering like this can have its risks, but if you’re prepared enough, you have nothing to worry about. At the peak of the deadly outbreak, there was a crippling shortage of weddings.

In these uncertain times, couples are being forced to adjust their wedding plans. According to The Knot, 96% of couples changed their wedding dates last year, while seven percent canceled. Due to this, we’re seeing a rise in intimate weddings of fewer than 50 guests called micro weddings.

Whether you’re opting for a micro wedding or sticking with a big event, better choose a theme that fits you and your partner’s style. Here are some themes that you can take inspiration from.

Romantic Garden

Garden ceremonies are perfect for couples who want to tie the knot while providing a relaxing and stunningly beautiful atmosphere for guests to enjoy. This theme is ideal for those who wish for stunning wedding photos. An outdoor ceremony is best for spring and fall as average temperatures range from 65 to 80 °F.

Since gardens are an outdoor venue, you can include a lot of amenities for guests like a food drunk, drink station, and even lawn game activities. You can also organize your guests in an unconventional seating arrangement during the reception with picnic blankets, bales of hay, and wooden crates and chairs.

  • Wine barrels can be a nice decor that filled with flowers and twigs
  • Be sure to add fairy lights for a more relaxing vibe
  • Cheese and wine stations are an excellent option to include in your food truck
  • A flower bar willed with an array of fresh flowers that guests can use for flower crowns, corsages, and even as confetti when you walk out of the venue

Fairy Tale

If you’re one of the couples that dream of a day steeped in romance and magic, a day when guests can be transported to a world of fairy tales, this theme might be for you. Fantasy is a perfect blend of romance, glamour, and nature—from the gowns and the flowers to the music and décor.

Several venues can fit this theme like forests for a whimsical feel, villas or mansions like a grand ball, private gardens for a rustic appeal filled with fairy lights and flowers, or castles if you have the budget for it and want the ultimate fairy tale venue.

  • Choose the right color palette depending on the season and the venue
  • Take inspiration from real-life royalty like Kate and William, or pick your favorite animated princess character to emulate her style
  • A silk flower bouquet can be the perfect centerpieces
  • An archway in the entrance filled with fresh flowers
  • Chandeliers can state a bold look and add final touches to your theme

wedding beach


Beach wedding venues are popular for a reason: they create a glorious outdoor atmosphere and transport even the most ordinary person to a vacation-like state of bliss and excitement.

A lot of couples prefer a beach wedding’s romantic setting. Just picture this: you and your partner will be basking under the romantic setting of a lavish beach wedding while the sparkle of the sun’s rays at dusk will fill the air as you say your vows.

  • Opt for outdoor lanterns with flameless candles for additional lighting
  • Use palms, flowers, and other tropical greenery as table runners and centerpieces
  • Add seashells, woven and rattan accents, and driftwood in your photo booth to match the theme
  • Have wicker or bamboo as your guests’ chairs


Country weddings are a perfect mix between rustic charm and a touch of glamour. It is also a theme favorite for fall weddings. Adding lots of country flair to your wedding celebration will make planning easy and fun. You can also create a romantic, laid-back feel at your wedding with everything from the rustic surroundings to the personalized details.

Not only is this theme easy to do on a budget, but it’s also elegant. For example, the bride’s dress can be pretty simple, but it can still be topped off with intricate lace or detailed embroidery accents. There are a lot of rustic wedding venues available that will make any country-themed wedding a dream come true.

  • Include traditional rustic decors like wood-pieces, antlers, and hay bales
  • Choose outdoor venues like mountain tops or indoors like ranches and barns
  • Twine-wrapped mason jar with candles and flowers as table centerpieces
  • Flowers like lavender and sunflowers inside wood crates
  • Homey-feel with candles and dreamy low lights


If you want something different while being a film fanatic, you can choose a theme inspired by movies or even a TV series such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, and Downton Abbey.

Although a movie-inspired wedding takes careful planning and decoration, it’s still a fun way to celebrate your special day. You need to hire a team of creatives like a stylist and a planner to overlook everything. You and your partner will also need to decide on the things you want to incorporate. For example, Harry Potter-themed treats like chocolate wands, potion parfaits, and butterbeer ice cream will look so cool on the dessert bar.

  • Choose a movie that you and your partner both love
  • Make wedding invitations as admission tickets, so your guests are aware of the theme
  • Replace the floral decorations with a red carpet or even a replica of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame
  • A director’s board or any object related to your movie or show will be a great table decor

Choosing the theme or style of your wedding can be a tough choice to make. With so many fun options, it can be hard to pick your favorite wedding theme. Whether you have your heart set on a whimsical theme, beach wedding, or a rustic affair, don’t feel like you need to slam every idea! Be open to one, two, or three and then run with it.


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