What You Need to Know About Buying Jewelry Online

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Retail therapy is real. Understandably, many of us may start feeling guilty for merely thinking about buying something to make ourselves feel better. We shouldn’t be, though, because research suggests that there’s a positive correlation between retail therapy and stress management.

With the current global health crisis, most of our retail therapy has been done online. That has many benefits, from being able to buy things at a lower cost to having a wider selection of goods to buy. And for someone in the market for jewelry, buying online has become the norm.

Why Buy Jewelry Online

Buying jewelry is one of those experiences that gives a person an extra boost of happiness. Most of us have our personal preference when it comes to the type of material (gold, silver, or platinum), the type of stone (diamonds are a classic), and to the design (minimalist or big and bold).

But we understand that you might feel wary about buying jewelry online. It is, after all, one of those things we want to touch and feel before we purchase. If you’re simply in the market for costume jewelry, this might not be that big of an issue. But if you’re looking to buy jewelry as an investment piece, you’d have to be extremely careful about what you’re purchasing online.

Here are a few things you need to remember before adding that stunning diamond cocktail ring to your cart.

How to Find a Reliable Jeweler Online

person holding a necklaceIt might seem like common sense, but it’s still worth delving into. Do you already have a favorite jewelry store? Check if they have an online store. If they do, then you head on to their online store. If not, take note of the following things.

  • Can they offer authenticity certificates? If you’re a fan of diamonds, then you know why you would need a certificate of authenticity before you purchase. Diamonds are one of those stones that are very pretty to look at but are also very controversial. Certifications would tell you if they’ve been sourced ethically or if they’ve been mined from a conflict zone. If the certificate they can issue comes from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), then you know you’re in good hands.
  • Do they have an optimized website? First impressions matter, especially online. A jeweler who can’t be bothered to invest in optimizing their website is not someone you should trust. They could always get free template websites online, but a jeweler who springs for all the bells and whistles and who understands the need for jewelry retouching for e-commerce is one who values your time spent on their site.
  • What’s their shipping and return policy? Or more to the point, do they even have one? Granted, if the piece of jewelry you want is a custom order, then it might be challenging to return. If it’s an incredibly expensive piece of jewelry, you need to make sure that shipping for the item is insured based on its value. Jewelry is considered a luxury item, and the seller should be able to shoulder the cost if something untoward happens during shipping and delivery.

Buying jewelry online need not be a daunting experience. Above all else, your online jeweler of choice should be open to communicating with you. You know you can trust them based on how they answer your questions and about the pieces of jewelry they recommend. You’d have the peace of mind then that they understand your needs as a consumer.


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