5 Exercises Proven to Help You Live Longer


Have you been looking for the ultimate life longevity serum? Well, so has everyone. Luckily, it does exist. However, it doesn’t come in the form of a serum. It is in sports. What’s better than watching an exciting game of football captured by experienced sport directors? Still, playing sports can have a tremendous effect on your health.

Keep reading to get your mind blown on how five of the sports we play can have a huge part in our health and life longevity. But before you read the list of these sports, have a look at the benefits of playing sports.

Stay Sporty, Live Longer

If you want to see an extra year or two, you should do plenty of exercise and sports. This is because of all the benefits that come with it, such as:

  • Fights obesity
  • Helps you stay healthy and fit
  • Enables you to connect with others
  • Reduces stress and improves mental health
  • Improves confidence and determination

By now, everybody knows that sports and exercise play a vital role in our health and well-being. This is because of the many obvious benefits mentioned above.

However, there are some other benefits of sports that are not so easy to notice. These include the benefits it could have on your mental health. It also includes long-term benefits, which you will find out in this article. This article will discuss how playing certain sports have been proven to help you live longer.

So if you have been finding an extra reason that would surely stop you from postponing your sports activities, then here you go.

1. Strolling or Walking


Yes, it is quite uncommon not to walk at least 1,000 steps every single day if you are able. However, did you know that this could also be aiding your life longevity? Scientific research has shown that walking 12,000 steps per day would improve your longevity 65% more than those who walk only 4,000.

The researchers also discovered that walking faster had no benefit and that only walking farther was connected to a lower risk of death. More daily steps were also linked to a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer.

Thus, it is not a bad idea to take your morning and evening strolls a bit more seriously.

2. Swimming

Perfect for relaxing your nerves, Swimming can also help you live longer. Using metabolic equipment to check the hours and weeks of different people, researchers concluded that regular swimmers were 41% less at risk of CVD mortality, unlike their counterparts who didn’t swim.

With this, you now have reason to spend more time in the pool practicing your backstrokes.

3. A Game of Tennis or Badminton


Ping pong with or without the pong. Long and table tennis is another excellent way to help you live longer. This was proven in a survey that featured over 80,000 adults.

The survey proved that the adults who played this sport and similar type approximately had 47% less mortality risk than those who did not practice it.

4. Aerobic Exercises

Whether jogging or calisthenics, aerobic exercises will cause an increase in your respiration and heart rate.

In a randomized, controlled trial published in the European Heart Journal, researchers found that aerobics reduced mortality risk on a physical and molecular level.

Researchers discovered that aerobic endurance training and high-intensity interval training improved telomerase activity and telomere length, both of which are important markers of cellular aging. The effects of resistance training, on the other hand, were not observed.

5. Team Sports

A study has shown that if you value life and want to hang on a bit longer, you should spend more time around people, i.e., be more social in your sports. This means you should play sports that require social interactions.

If you’re interested in exercising for health, longevity, and well-being, perhaps the most crucial feature of your exercise regimen is that it should involve a playdate. Sports such as soccer or basketball, which require a connection with others, are good examples.

While it may seem unusual that who you exercise with and how much you exercise are important, it makes sense, given what we already know about the value of social ties. Numerous studies have linked social isolation to an increased risk of death. Thus, combining two good behaviors (socializing and exercising) can be beneficial to your overall health.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Just by frequently doing any of the five sports listed above, you can make the most out of your time and add an extra year to your life.


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