Have Fun! Expanding Your Horizons as You Age

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The advantage of aging is that the rules no longer apply to you the way they used to when you were young. You know that time passes, you have learned that everything can be overcome, you know your own strength and you finally have the time to expand your horizons. Perhaps, aging has left you with some health concerns or movement impairments that worry your family. But there are many places and new-age gadgets that can help you to enjoy independent living while remaining safe and well-cared for as well.

It is imperative that you establish a safe place to come home to after your adventures. Nothing makes adventures as fun and exciting as knowing that you can relax in a cozy environment and relive them in your mind. But, what adventures do you want to seek out? Now that the push of youthful verve is gone, we can recognize that there is an adventure in humble things as well. Maybe you want to try hiking or simply gardening. Perhaps it is finally time to learn how to swim or take up taekwondo. Your next adventure is in your hands, choose one that makes you glad to be alive.

Jump into the Unknown

Do something you have always admired but felt too self-conscious or afraid to try. You have lived long enough to know that embarrassment is temporary and fear can be overcome.

So go skydiving or take up spoken word poetry. Learn SCUBA diving and bobsledding and any number of things that you can finally enjoy because you have nothing holding you back now.

Look Good

You are retired and no longer have to follow a dress code. Your children are grown and if you have grandkids, they will be the first ones to join you on a journey to self-actualization.

Cut your hair any way you want. Or dye it the color you have always admired but were too bold for your conservative workplace and lifestyle.

Get a piercing and a tattoo and finally start wearing those funky scarves you have always had your eye on. You no longer need to impress anyone but yourself.

Take Off

There are cruises, elderly travel groups, special hotel rates, and all kinds of accommodations that can be made in this advanced age so that even an elderly person can enjoy some international travel.

Perhaps going abroad holds no thrill for you but you have always wanted to tour your motherland and see all it has to offer. Pack a van with your things and a few friends, learn how to use a satellite phone, and go on an adventure.

Start a Club

Start an adventure club and invite everyone to contribute ideas to the adventure hat. Every two weeks, take a random idea out of the hat and focus all your energies on carrying out the adventure written inside.

You will all have just as great a time trying to figure out how to make it happen as actually having the adventure. Doing things in a group is also more fun and you can help out the people who usually wouldn’t do activities by themselves to live out their fantasies.

Grow a Garden


Perhaps your itch comes from not feeling useful enough. How about channeling that energy into an activity that is beneficial for your health and well-being and can also contribute to a good cause?

Start gardening and growing produce that you can sell or donate. Sell the produce to raise money for your adventures or to donate to a worthy cause. Donate the produce to your friends, the local soup kitchen, or to needy families.

You will get the glow of having done a good deed, the many benefits that gardening offers to the body and mind, and taught yourself a useful and enjoyable new skill set.

Get Back into Reading

So you loved to read but did not have the time for it for some years now. Many retired people finally have the time to read but worry that their eyes no longer have the strength. But, with the help of modern devices such as Kindle or a Tablet or Ipad, you can adjust the brightness and font size so you can enjoy a good book whenever you like.

Many good books that you probably intended to read through the years are also sold online or available as free digital copies from many sources. Get someone to teach you how to operate your reading device correctly and troubleshoot simple problems. Then teach yourself how to find the books you want and manage settings for a pleasant reading experience.

The greatest adventures we could ever hope for are often found in the pages of a book.

Whether you intend to fulfill a fitness dream or achieve that hope of doing your most admired hobby, you have the time now and the ability to dedicate yourself to it. Do not let the voices of others and their opinions keep you from enjoying your best life. You have earned the right to live your golden years doing whatever you want to do.


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