Gift Ideas: What to Give to the Man in Your Life

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Men can be difficult to shop for, especially those who already have everything they need. If you are still looking for something to buy your husband for your anniversary or your father on his birthday, here are some things that they may like.

Silicone Rings

Flexible wedding rings made of silicone are becoming popular, especially among the active crowd. Sports athletes are wearing silicone rings on the field. So do firefighters, police officers, paramedics, military personnel, construction workers, mechanics, telephone linemen, and many others.

Even if your husband’s work does not require him to use his hands, he will surely be delighted to receive a silicone ring. He can wear it while engaging in physical activities like running and swimming or going around the house while doing maintenance.

The most common men’s ring sizes range between eight and 12 but, for a perfect fit, you can measure your husband’s ring finger by using a string or a ribbon. To do this wrap the string or ribbon on his ring finger, mark the spot where the two ends overlap, and then hold it up to a ruler. Stores that sell silicone rings often have a chart you can look up to see which size to get for your partner.

Silicone rings are made of flexible materials anyway, so you do not have to be specific when it comes to sizing.

Smart Mug

If this special man in your life is a coffee drinker, then a smart mug that can keep his cup of joe at the perfect temperature for long periods of time. He never has to deal with stale coffee.

There are several options out there so you can choose one that is perfect for your husband, dad, or friend’s lifestyle. Most are portable, so they can bring their smart mug to their favorite cafe and drink coffee on the go. Some offer additional features like a tracker that monitors how much liquid the user has consumed throughout the day (and makes sure that they get the recommended eight glasses per day).

Sleep Tracker

The lack of sleep not only affects one’s performance at work during the day, but it also might lead to the development of serious illnesses such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease later in life. To make sure that they are getting a proper night’s rest, get them a sleep tracker.

Sleep trackers come in various forms. Some fitness trackers available in the market today even monitor movement and heart rate while sleeping. There are also dedicated sleep trackers that you can slip on or under their mattress to record sleep quality and sleeping habits. In both options, the sleep tracker can gather data while they sleep and send it to an app that they and their doctor can analyze to figure out any problems.

Safety Razor Set

Razor set

The men in your life will sing you praises if you give them something they can use over again. So, get them a safety razor set which can make shaving feel a little more glamorous every time they use it. Moreover, this gift idea is kinder to the environment because it removes the need to buy cheap, plastic razors that are tossed in the trash after a few uses.

Of course, a gift that comes from the heart always trumps buying any expensive item. When buying gifts, consider what they are interested in and their lifestyle so you can give something that they would truly use and love.


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