Five Lifestyle Changes That You Need To Do To Manage Your Skin

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Each day, you’ll often see hundreds of ads for various cosmetic and skincare products that often makes it difficult to know what your skin truly needs.

No one wants to deal with acne all their life. So, apart from the treatments you use to manage your skin, you should also take the necessary precautions to protect you from future breakouts. You can start doing these lifestyle changes to help you achieve clear, radiant skin.

Cleanse your face twice daily

Skimping on cleansing your face can be a problem, especially if you’re prone to acne breakouts. So, washing your face twice a day is a must if you have acne-prone or oily skin. Healthline says that a study discovered that washing face twice a day showed a noticeable change in the participants’ acne lesions. Meanwhile, those who only washed their face once a day had a significant increase in pimples.

Shield your skin from the sun

The Mayo Clinic says that constant sun exposure can cause a person to develop wrinkles and age spots. Even more, it also doubles the risk of skin cancer. That’s why it’s a must to help manage your skin by protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays.

One way to do it is by using sunscreen. It’s best to apply it generously and reapply it every two hours or more, especially if you’re swimming. It’s also crucial to seek shade between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., as these are the times when the sun’s heat is at its peak. Lastly, consider covering your skin so that you can add a layer of protection against ultraviolet rays.

Gently exfoliate

There’s no better way to get rid of all the dirt and dead skin cells from your body than with gentle exfoliation. These cells can potentially clog your pores if left on your skin for too long. Thus, resulting in acne breakouts.

How often you exfoliate depends on the exfoliation method that you use. If you’re using chemical exfoliants, it’s best to do it once or twice a week. Meanwhile, you can do it at least three or four times a week if you’re using physical exfoliants. However, Healthline advises speaking with a dermatologist first, for those with inflammatory acne before exfoliating your skin.

Get enough sleep

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Lack of sleep doesn’t only affect your body, but it can affect your skin, too. Experts say that lack of sleep can cause you to become prone to acne breakouts. That’s because not getting enough sleep can cause the body to produce inflammatory compounds, which causes the skin to produce lesions or even worsen the acne condition. If you want to be healthy, it’s best to aim for at least seven hours of quality sleep every night.

Gently manage your skin

Although cleansing and shaving is always a must to manage your skin, you need to keep it as gentle as possible. So, try to limit your bath time and use warm water if possible. Doing so will help you maintain your skin’s natural oils that keep its elasticity. It’s also highly advisable to use gentle soaps as strong soaps can strip the natural oils, too.

When shaving, always ensure that you lubricate your skin by applying shaving cream or lotion before you start shaving. Also, gently pat or blot with a towel to let some of the moisture remain on your skin’s surface.

These are only a couple of lifestyle tips that you can do to manage your skin. When it comes to achieving clear skin, it’s highly advisable to focus on the products that you put on your face. It’s also highly advisable to reach out to a dermatologist to know the best treatments to manage your skin.


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