Dry Skin: A Lifelong Battle

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Treating dry skin is a lifelong battle. Your skin will need to be moisturized continuously to avoid irritation. People with dry skin should make sure their beauty products have hydration ingredients aside from their usual toners for whitening or concealers for dark spots. But apart from using these products, there are other ways to keep one’s skin from continuously drying. Consider the following tips for treating dry skin.

  1. Avoid scratching and peeling off the dry skin

Itching is one of the most common symptoms of dry skin, particularly affecting the hands, arms, and legs. Although avoiding scratching dry skin is the most straightforward and most obvious tip, it can be the most difficult as well. When something makes a person uncomfortable, it’s almost impossible not to notice it and get rid of it right away. In the case of having dry skin, prevention can go a long way. Perhaps prevention can be the first step to “treating” dry skin. The more one scratches the dry skin, the more irritated it gets. It can swell, bruise, and leave red patches. For some, the scratch marks are permanent.

It goes the same with peeling. When one continually peels off dry skin, the dermis – the middle layer of the skin – will be disrupted. This may cause infection as the layer of the skin that is sensitive to pain is exposed to bacteria. If there is the urge to itch or peel, one should consult a licensed physician so he or she can prescribe the right medicine.

  1. Adjust your lifestyle to hydrate the skin.

This second tip applies to how one takes care of his or her body every day from morning to evening. Since there are different types of dry skin, one must pay extra attention to how his or her body reacts to particular products or habits. For example, when taking a bath, it is highly recommended to bathe the skin in lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Another example is the application of products to the dry parts of the body. It’s important to always apply lotion after taking a bath. Moreover, it’s normal to apply hand sanitizer or alcohol when hands get dirty, and water is not available. However, one should also be conscious of how much sanitizer or alcohol is being applied. Too much can lead to more dryness as the lipid-protein coating, meant for preventing skin dehydration, will be reduced. Lastly, one must be careful of the type of clothing or fabric that he or she wears since some can further irritate the skin.

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  1. Always bring the essentials

A person with dry skin must always bring the essentials wherever he goes. Such essentials may include but not limited to, the following: lotion, hand sanitizer or alcohol, facial moisturizer, and lip balm. Keep these essentials in a single compartment or pouch for easy access. This best applies to those who love to travel, especially to countries with a colder climate. Cold winter is a contributing factor to dry skin and even cracks. The skin reacts differently under this type of climate because the skin has to maintain a certain amount of temperature.

Several experts have proven these three tips to be helpful in treating dry skin. They may be simple, but they should be religiously followed and applied. It’s all about maintaining and further hydrating the body that is medically and legally accepted. It’s also a lifelong battle, but everyone should keep doing the right thing and take care of his or her skin. 


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